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We from studierendenWERK BERLIN supports students
from many universities in Berlin.
We take care of this,
that Berlin students are well looked after.
We were commissioned by the state of Berlin to do this.

We support students with these offers:

1. Canteens

2. Residence halls

3.   BAföG

4. Advice centers

5. Daycare centers

6. Cultural and international events

1. Canteens

What is a cafeteria?

A cafeteria is a canteen for students.
We run the canteens and cafés of many Berlin universities.
Berlin students get there
inexpensive and varied food.

How do you pay in the canteens?

You can only do so in the canteens and cafes
Pay with a MensaCard or a CampusCard.
You also have to checkout
Always show your student ID.
This is how we check
whether you are entitled to the student price.

You can use the credit on the MensaCard
or top up your CampusCard at machines.
These machines are located in all large university buildings.

What can you eat in the cafeterias?

There is vegetarian and vegan food in the canteens.
On some days there is also a meat or fish dish.
There are also promotional stands in large canteens
with special promotional food.
These promotional meals are usually a little more expensive.


2. Residence halls

How do you get a place in a dormitory?

We operate dormitories for students throughout Berlin.
If you would like a place in a dormitory,
then you have to apply online via a portal.
To apply you need an ID card
and a certificate of enrollment.
A matriculation certificate is a confirmation of registration,
that you are studying at a Berlin university.

If you do not yet have a matriculation certificate,
then you can also upload these 2 things to the portal:

  • the admission certificate from your university
  • proof of payment for the semester fee

Where do you get support?

There are very few places in the dormitories.
You have to wait at least a year for a place.
That's why you have to go on the free housing market
looking for somewhere to live.

Our “InfoCenter Wohnen” will help you with your search.
You can call there, write an email
or come by in person:

InfoCenter Living
Hardenbergstraße 34
Canteen foyer
10623 Berlin / Germany

Phone: 030 939 39 89 90
E-mail: wohnen@stw.berlin

Our office hours are
Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m
and Friday from 10 a.m. to 15 p.m.

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3. BAföG

What is BAföG?

BAföG is the abbreviation for Bundes-AtrainingpromotionGesetz.
This is financial help from the Office for Training Funding.
If parents cannot pay for their child's studies,
then these students can BAföG-Apply for money.
We check them BAföG-Applications from Berlin students.

The BAföG-Money consists of 2 parts.
The students receive part of it as a grant.
The students are loaned the other part.
That means: The students have to pay half of the money
pay back after graduation.

who gets BAföG-Money?

The following questions decide
whether you have a claim BAföG have:

  • Are you studying at a state school?
    or at a state-recognized university?
  • Is it your first degree
    or have you already completed a degree or training?
  • Which nationality
    or what residence status do you have?
  • How old are you?

The following questions decide
how much BAföG-Money you get:

  • How much money do you make
    and what do you own?
  • How much money do your parents earn
    and what do they own?
  • If you are married:
    How much money does your spouse earn and own
    or your spouse
    or your registered partner
    or your registered life partner?

How long do you get BAföG-Money?

The duration of the funding depends
from the standard period of study for the course of study.
This is the normal duration for the course.
The standard period of study is for different degree programs
For example, studying medicine takes longer
as a degree in social work.
The standard study period is fixed
in the study and examination regulations.
One can also BAföG-Get money
during a semester abroad or internship.

More information on the topic BAföG
you can find it under www.stw.berlin/bafoeg.

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counseling centers

4. Advice centers

Berlin students get... studierendenWERK
Advice on various topics.
There is for example

  • social counseling,
  • psycho-therapeutic advice,
  • the “Barrier-free Studying” advice center.

All consultations are free and confidential.

What does social counseling do?

Here you can get advice on financing your studies.
You can ask questions about these topics:

  • Maintenance
  • BAföG
  • part-time job
  • Scholarship is financial support
  • housing benefit
  • child benefit
  • Student credit
  • Health insurance

If you have any questions about pregnancy during your studies
or on the subject of studying with children,
then you can also contact the social counseling service.
There you will find information about state benefits such as

  • initial equipment for the baby,
  • parental allowance,
  • social benefit for your child,
  • Care options for your child.

What does psycho-therapeutic counseling do?

There you can get help in difficult situations,
in case of problems or crises.
There are group conversations and couple conversations
or individual consultations.
The consultants will support you, for example:

  • exam anxiety,
  • Depressions,
  • feelings of overload,
  • Seeks.

You can also contact psycho-therapeutic advice,
if you have psychological problems because of your pregnancy.

What does the “Barrier-free Studying” advisory center do?

Students with disabilities or permanent illnesses
receive advice about their studies there.
If you are not yet studying and are interested in studying,
then you can also contact this advice center.

You can also get advice from this advice center
various inclusion services according to the Berlin University Act.
Inclusion services are aids such as:

  • a study assistant,
  • books money,
  • technical aids,
  • Interpreting services.

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Day-care centres

5. Daycare centers

Which daycare centers are there?

We from studierendenWerk operate 7 children's daycare centers, or daycare centers for short.
Every daycare center is nearby
from a Berlin university.
There is a large garden in every daycare center
and well furnished rooms.
Our canteens prepare fresh food every day
the food for the daycare centers.

Every daycare center works according to the Berlin education program.
Some daycare centers have more of a natural science program,
some daycare centers have more of an artistic program.
It depends,
which university is nearby.

What do you have to consider for a daycare place?

The daycare place is free for all children.
Parents only have to do so every month
pay some money for food.

If parents need a daycare place for their child,
then you have to apply for a daycare voucher.
You get the daycare voucher
at the youth welfare office in your district of residence.
You also have to register your child online
for a place in our daycare centers.
The online form is available here:

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6. Cultural and international events

What is our cultural program?

We offer Berlin students a cultural program
with free events and workshops in the areas of:

  • Dance
  • Theater
  • Selected Literature
  • vocal
  • Art
  • Poetry, i.e. poetry

The students can also stand on stage themselves
or exhibit their own artwork.

What is our get-together program?

“Get together” [pronounced: get tugäser] is English
and means: Come together.
Our get-together offers are particularly interesting
for students from other cities and abroad.
This is how you discover Berlin and the surrounding area
and get to know other students.

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