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Developing a play together over the course of a winter and summer semester, turning ideas into reality, completely immersing yourself in scenes, characters and themes and then standing on stage together in a very special room - that's what our theater group is all about.

In addition to the production, acting training, i.e. body and voice work, stage presence, improvisation and character development, is a very important part of the rehearsals. After the winter semester there will be an interim presentation of the material developed and at the end of the summer semester there will be several performances of the finished piece.

The group is led by actors and directors Paul Schmidt accompanied and guided.

Die Proben finden während des Semesters immer montags von 18:30 bis 21 Uhr im Freiraum im Studentenhaus statt. Alle Infos zur Bewerbung findest du in unserem event Calendar.

Photo: Michael Schulte / stW Berlin

Photo: Michael Schulte / stW Berlin


Cold zones

The powerlessness of habit in the face of algorithmic apple pie

Impressions of the piece

Window Worlds - short film project

In the new film project of the theater group Freiplayers studierendenWERKThe focus is on dealing with and reflecting on the first lockdown situation in March 2020:

What does isolation do to us? What does it mean to be confronted with yourself? What do we long for (back)? What is special about this time? Keyword: We are the contemporary witnesses.

All scenes and texts were created through improvisation and creative “writing tasks”. The aim was to translate inner perceptions and feelings into atmospherically dense and eloquent images.

4 walls

Photo: Jakob Urban / stW Berlin

Photo: Jakob Urban / stW Berlin

Online short film project from the theater group “Die Freifahrer”

12 people live in the same house. How long already? Always. They do not know each other. You have forgotten what longing feels like. Until one of them wakes up and can't go back to sleep...

In several online group meetings, individual coaching sessions and recording days, the freelancers work together to create a short film based on the characters from the performance “Hotel Lichtblick” from February 2020. Together they are looking for a poetic visual language on the topic of loneliness and the longing for connection with one's own desires / longings and the other who is so close and seems so far away.

The pioneers, an identity experiment

SplitShire on Pixabay, CC0

SplitShire on Pixabay, CC0

An online theater project

 The pioneers – an identity experiment. 5 normal people decide to take part in an experiment. 4 weeks they will be someone else. They will dress differently, speak differently, do different things. They will shed all their habits and step into someone else's shoes. They capture this process on video. At its core is the question: do I decide who I want to be? Do I create myself and my reality or am I the result and plaything of the circumstances in which I live? Can you change fundamentally, from one moment to the next?

This question or scenic framework is the starting point for the course in scenic writing and character development. In individual coaching, online group appointments, acting tutorials and film tutorials, participants gain insight into the development of characters and solo scenes. Each participant developed 2-3 characters over the course of the semester and was individually accompanied in finding roles, writing short scenes, and acting in front of the camera.

The results are combined into one story in two short films.