Daycare at the Berlin University of Technology

Discovering and researching together is very important to us. Welcome to the daycare center at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences!

Our daycare center at a glance

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We offer space for up to 130 children on 3 floors.
In the toddler area, up to 40 children aged 0 to 3 years are cared for, divided into two groups. In the elementary sector, we support up to 90 children aged 3 until they start school.

Our daycare center is located in a traffic-calmed area and has its own playground.
It is located within walking distance of the campus of the Berlin University of Applied Sciences and can be easily reached with the U9 and U6 from the Leopoldplatz and Amrumer Straße stations.

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Every child has the need to explore the world, learn new things and express themselves. We see it as one of our most important tasks to carefully accompany them and offer them a field of discovery appropriate to their age and level of development.

Our house is open to children's ideas, creativity and imagination. In addition to the family, the daycare community is its own little living world. We offer the children support and creative space to explore and further shape this living environment, for example when planning our garden.

We want to strengthen the children's sense of unity and their respectful interaction with one another. We achieve this through a variety of group activities, for example conducting experiments with the group or visiting the adventure playground in the area. The children learn from each other and are encouraged to discover their environment together and to develop their motor and language skills.

We promote cognitive and social skills. We pay particular attention to the educational areas of nature, environment, technology and education for sustainable development. While playing, observing and experimenting, we offer children incentives to ask questions about their environment, their origins and also their future. We help you answer these questions individually and find your own solutions.

You can download our educational concept here.

Our large, bright rooms offer stimulating play areas and opportunities to retreat.
All rooms are equipped according to the children's current needs.


In the toddler area, 40 children aged 0 to 3 years are looked after.
There is plenty of space for creative and musical play and development processes.
This area is on the ground floor and has direct access to the garden.
Our toddler area is divided into 2 groups: moon group and sun group.
Each group has 2 rooms for playing, eating and running around and a cloakroom.

The elementary area extends over 2 floors.
Up to 1 children are looked after on the 50st floor (green floor) and up to 2 children on the 40nd floor (blue floor), aged from 3 to school entry.
We work according to the open concept here.
The children find different functional rooms, such as: B. in the construction space and role play area, different materials, so they can deal with themselves and the environment in a playful way.
Each floor in the elementary area has a studio with a variety of creative materials and an area where the children can try out crafts and research: our learning workshop.
We eat all meals together in the respective children's restaurants.
These also serve as a place for table games in everyday life.
The children also always have the opportunity to play or relax in the garden.

Our beautiful daycare playground offers many exciting play opportunities. Playgrounds nearby offer additional attractive play areas to be active.
The daycare center also has a large exercise room for all children in the basement and a gymnasium is within walking distance in the neighboring building.

Exploring the habitat and experiencing nature

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Children should experience nature, especially in inner-city areas.
This includes, among other things, experiencing the seasons and different weather phenomena, as well as directly experiencing natural elements.
Our garden offers a variety of plants, such as bushes, flowers and berry bushes, where children can observe natural growth processes together with the educational staff.
We also want to give children numerous opportunities to learn how the environment and nature are used in our culture.

We use the surrounding area and Berlin's cultural landscape for joint excursions, such as to the ATZE music theater and the Berlin Zoo.
We regularly go to the nearby deer mountains or to nearby playgrounds.


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We give the children a variety of gross and fine motor movement experiences.
The children should get to know their own bodies better and at the same time understand their environment.
Movement plays a big role here.
In our exercise space they can run around, climb and build their own retreats, such as caves.
The garden is used daily, which means the children experience more independence and self-efficacy.

The gym at the Berlin University of Technology in the adjacent building, which we use twice a week, offers even more options.
Various offers can be enjoyed here, such as climbing an exercise landscape, playing with the swing cloth or ball games.

Preparation for school

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We want to give the children a good and safe transition to school.
Therefore, once a week there is an offer for our preschool children within an age-homogeneous group. At the beginning, a wide variety of emotions are discussed, what are they called, how do they feel and how do I deal with them.
Our focus is on promoting social skills, such as dealing with conflicts, a sense of responsibility, trust in yourself, empathy and treating others with respect.
The children deal with rules, why they exist and what they are good for.
Project-related offers take place at the end of the daycare year.
Excursions, such as a visit to a library or the traffic garden, round off our offer.

Closing times 2024

04. - 07.03.
29.07. - 09.08.
25. - 27.09.
23. - 31.12.


Reinforcements wanted!

We welcome educators with state recognition at any time. You can apply online or by e-mail.



Liège Str. 39

Liège Str. 39
13353 Berlin / Germany (District: Middle)
+ 49 (0) 30 93939 - 8490
Opening hours:
Mon., Tue., Thu., Fri., 07:30 a.m. - 17:00 p.m.,
Wed, 07:30 a.m. - 16:30 p.m

Claudio Albrecht
Alexandra, Möritz-Ciafone (Deputy)

Management office hours:
after agreement by telephone
Subway U9, bus 142, 221
Stop: Amrumer Str.      
BHT: 0,2 km
Bard College Berlin: 6,4 km