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MAY CHALLENGE of Studierendenwerke

Are we fitter than the others?! But definitely!

We're moving in May! 

We invite all employees of the studierendenWERKs BERLIN warmly invites you to take part in our eventful May Challenge.

What's special: This year we're not just competing within our own studierendenWERKs against each other, but we also challenge others Studierendenwerke out and prove that WE are the most moving of all... 

The idea:

We call on all employees to exercise individually. The mental starting signal is this 1. May (00:01 a.m.) and the finish line is on 31 May 2024 (23:59 p.m.).
Among all participants of the studierendenWERKWe're giving away s BERLIN attractive non-cash prizes (see below).

Danger! This year we are changing the game principle:
Minutes instead of kilometers.  

Move and document the time it took you to do so.
You then submit these minutes of exercise in the online form here. (If it was hours, please convert it to minutes. Please only enter the number.)

You can do this daily or as a weekly total, but you can also submit it for the entire month after the finish (by June 3rd, 9 a.m.). 

All participants have the chance to win ours Special Price, a massager with all the bells and whistles. Up to three individual submissions per person for the special prize will end up in the draw (if you submit more often: great. Your name will still be in the draw a maximum of three times). 

Please provide proof that you were active in May. This can be a selfie of you or a photo from your tracker, a screenshot of your running app or your route (e.g. on Google Maps) or a file where you have written down the date and duration.
Anything that involves movement can be counted: dancing, running, walking, cycling, stand-up paddling, yoga, swimming, stretching - indoors and outdoors.

The minutes submitted are added up per employee and then we're excited to see who turns out to be a real sports ace and gets to climb onto the winner's podium (first place).

An internal interim status will be sent by email in mid-May as to how we compare nationally. We will publish an update here every week. 

On your marks, get set, go!

Submit your contribution here:

I moved.

Free drinking bottle:*:

Data protection*:

There's something to win! 

All employees who submit something will receive this as a thank you Studierendenwerks drinking bottle (because drinking a lot is healthy!). 

You can also order a personal trainer and we will also hand out running shirts while stocks last. Scroll down for more information... 


Special raffle: A massage gun

Massage gun with various attachments

1st place: TwinRoll, MiniRoll and massage balls

A TwinRoll, a MiniRoll and 2 massage balls

2nd place: Three Thera bands in three different levels of difficulty

Three Thera bands in three different levels of difficulty

3rd place: A point massager and a MiniRoll

A point massager and a MiniRoll

Places 4 - 25: Table tennis bat set

Table tennis bat set

 *The winners will be notified by email in the first week of June.

All employees are eligible to participate studierendenWERKs BERLIN.
Legal recourse is of course excluded. 

In 2024 we will compete against others Studierendenwerke on! 

Image shows a map of Germany showing the challenged Studierendenwerke (Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Frankfurt am Mai, Vorderpfalz, Saarland, Münster, AKAFÖ Bochum).

A total of six others Studierendenwerke have accepted the challenge and are competing against us in the May Challenge national contest. 


A big trophy has been awarded. As soon as it turns up again (currently lost in the mail), we will publish a photo here. Of course the cup should stay in Berlin. So give it your all! 

We publish the current score here every Wednesday evening as well as on ours Instagram channel.

Interim results on May 22th

Over Pentecost they fanned out and went for walks, paddling or cycling.
This is clearly noticeable in the third stage of the May Challenge - the Studierendenwerke increased significantly. G

At the top, Hamburg and the Vorderpfalz continue to have a very bitter duel. And what a duel this is! North against South, Goliath against David, city against vineyard... We are breathlessly looking forward to the results - and these two opponents must also be breathless - because after all, no one seems to be sitting there for even an hour anymore. 

Hamburg, with strong north winds still in its sails, moves minute by minute and delivers six-figure figures for the first time in week 3: 136.000 minutes.
Theoretically, the Hanseatic League could not be beaten - if it weren't for the quotient rule... A rule that Hamburg itself suggested during race preparation. People on the Elbe must have already regretted that, because this regulation has made it difficult for them to overtake the Vorderpfalz in recent weeks. And in week 3? 

... it stays that way. With almost 45.000 minutes and 160 employees, the Vorderpfalz is even expanding its lead a little. Hamburg: Confident 2nd place, amazing sporting performance and perhaps it's some consolation to you that you'll have to swallow dust for a while before the others join in. 

Thirdly, that Studierendenwerk Frankfurt am Main, which defends its podium steadfastly. The Frankfurt team can't be bothered in week 3 either and they do their thing efficiently as usual: 59.504 minutes, 148 points - the midfield can't get past it in week 3 either. 

Berlin, Münster and the AKAFÖ were able to significantly increase the minutes and thus the respective points total - in some cases even double it - but unfortunately there is still not enough to shake up the top places in week 3.  

Now we all know that the public service cannot be beaten when it comes to “struggling.” Therefore, everything can still change in our race. The real reckoning comes at the end and there are still two stages ahead of us. The last days of May will be crucial because that is when those who prefer to collect over the entire month rather than submit individually will submit their minutes. 

Hamburg: We're coming!

Intermediate results on May 15th...

The “Sportnik” shock has been overcome

Dear sports fans, the race has picked up speed! The Studierendenwerke have recovered from the “Sportnik” shock of the first week and have made significant gains.

This week, Berliners walked around enough construction sites to significantly increase their minutes of exercise - almost 19.000 minutes were achieved. The team from Frankfurt remains on the podium, having amassed 34.000 minutes with calm efficiency. You have to pay attention to the Frankfurters; They could try to take the lead in the coming week with a smart investment - in the entire stock exchange city.

As expected, the team from Münster also delivered robustly in week 2: They steadily increased their minutes and reported an impressive 27.000 minutes, but were still conserving their strength for the final spurt.

Unwavering willingness to work is also evident in the Ruhr area: the AKAFÖ has almost quadrupled its performance in the first week and shows that the buddies will continue to be a force to be reckoned with - especially since the football tournament is here Studierendenwerke is trained.

But they all then have to go past Hamburg. The Hanseatic League are obviously having very, very rough gusts behind them at the moment and are increasing their minutes in week 2 to an impressive 86.643 minutes. We look at the Elbe city with our mouths open and seriously ask ourselves whether it would be better to set sail straight away.

Instead, Schleswig-Holstein had to accept a lull: no report in week 2. Since our colleagues from the north are particularly known for their endurance on long, flat routes, we assume that the message in a bottle was simply spilled here We will then simply add the minutes in the coming week.

And then there was the Vorderpfalz, which had a surprise victory in the first week. And this week? 22.000 minutes submitted in week 2 and therefore 140 points, very close, but still first place ahead of Hamburg and another stage win. Congratulations to Landau and people: Treat yourself to a long break! You deserve it… 😊.

Picture shows score from May 8th. It leads Vorderpfalz, followed by Hamburg, followed by Frankfurt am Main.

Intermediate results on May 08th...

Vorderpfalz: On doping control!

We could have imagined that the bicycle city would do a good job at first: With around 11.500 minutes of exercise, the Münster Student Union was the first to report and was therefore, at least for a short time, the stage winner of the hearts - until the other reports came in.

Frankfurt am Main managed a sensational 13.700 minutes, Hamburg seems to have chased all employees around the Outer Alster: a fantastic 27.310 minutes! And we almost gave Hamburg the win of the week, as a small Gallic village.... Sorry: that Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz sparked for over 8.000 minutes!

Because it's the quotient that counts: The Vorderpfalz has fewer minutes than Frankfurt, Hamburg or Münster, but will clearly be in the pool position on May 08th due to its comparatively small number of employees. The minutes are always divided by the number of employees per plant in order to measure the level of sportiness of the entire organization.

A stage victory for the Vorderpfalz. For the time being, mind you, because the Berlin Challenge Committee is still discussing whether we are really prepared to recognize “bringing the wine glass to the mouth” as a movement... ;-) This resentment may of course be due to the Berlin result. Because the challenger is initially at a disadvantage in week 1: Im studierendenWERK Rugby was played, climbing and even hiking to Brandenburg (to Brandenburg!), but it was still only enough for a place at the back of the stage. The strategy here is certainly to lull the opponents into a false sense of security until, at the end of the month, the tables are turned again by those employees who only submit everything from May once, at the end and then immediately.

Needless to explain that this may also be the plan of the AKAFÖ and the Schleswig Holsteiner, because in both StudierendenwerkEveryone is already secretly working on winning the final, that should be clear to everyone.

The May Challenge week really got going in week 1.
We look forward to May 15th, when the next interim status will be reported. It remains exciting!


Training camp:

Looking for a personal trainer?

Photo: Finn Persson / stW BERLIN
A stW employee does exercises with a hand expander.

Anyone who needs help with training can request a “personal trainer” (expander) from the management secretariat of their department.

April 26.04th - Info: Dress warden has given everything out - Please use your own outfit.

Don't have the right outfit at home?

Photo: Effi Eichstaedt / stW BERLIN
Man playing table tennis with sports shirt from student WHO:

If you still need the right training outfit, you can request a sports shirt for free here. (While stocks last.)