University application in Berlin

How do I apply to a Berlin university?

In Germany there is no uniform central application platform for applying for a place at university. Some universities have their own platforms, some only accept applications from uni-assist or hochschulstart, and at some universities you have to apply via several platforms. This depends on your desired field of study, whether you have a German university entrance qualification and which country you come from.

uni-assist is a Facility for the preliminary examination of international study applications. It checks whether you have submitted your application documents in the correct form, completely and on time and whether you meet the requirements for studying at a German university with your submitted educational certificates.

When uni-assist has completed the examination, you will receive a message as to whether your application meets the requirements for studying in your desired field of study or not. If the test is positive, uni-assist will forward your application to your desired university, which will ultimately decide whether you get a place. 

There are special ones for refugees at uni-assist Information

You will also find a lot of useful things on the uni-assist website Tips and advice for your applicationgs planning, which you should definitely watch.


Create an account

First you have to create an account, i.e. log in Online portal “My Assist” to register. As a registered user you can start the application process.

Please note: You must apply separately for each subject and each university, i.e. two subjects at the same university are already two applications. There are costs for each individual application, more on this below (“Is using uni-assist free”).



You can find out which documents you need for your application and how they have to be submitted here.

If you cannot provide all documents due to your flight, uni-assist will send you a so-called self-disclosure form and forward your application to your desired university.


Online application

Once you have collected all the documents, apply online via the Application portal from uni-assist.


pay costs

In order for your application to be processed, you must have one Pay processing fee, see further information below under “Is applying via uni-assist free?”


Submit and track

Once you have paid the processing fee and successfully submitted your application in My Assist, you can send your documents to uni-assist. You will find out whether this can be done online or whether you have to send the documents by post here. You can check the status of your application here . track



No, there is a fee for applying to uni-assist:

The first application costs 75 euros, each additional application costs 30 euros. This means that anyone who applies to a university for three different disciplines or to three different educational institutions, but each for one discipline, has to pay 135 euros.

Please note: Processing of your documents only begins after receipt of payment!

The payment is only valid for one semester. If you submitted your documents six months ago but do so again, you will have to pay the application again: the first subject 75 euros, all subsequent 30 euros.

Hochschulstart is a platform for submitting documents to German educational institutions restricted-admission study places. For some study places you have to register with uni-assist at hochschulstart to apply.

Learn more here to register and use the platform on the hochschulstart website.

If you do not have a German university entrance qualification and come from a country other than Germany, the EU, Lichtenstein, Iceland or Norway, you must submit your application via uni-assist if your desired university is a member of uni-assist. You can see if this is the case here.

If your desired university is not a member, you must apply directly to the university.

Before you apply, be sure to ask your desired university where you need to send your application documents. There are also universities with their own application processes. Note that some universities require an application via two platforms, e.g. uni-assist and their own.

If your application via uni-assist or Hochschulstart was not successful because there are special features in your case that are not recorded there, contact the student advisory service at the respective university. In individual cases, subsequent approvals are possible.