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Quarantine regulations in the dormitories

What to do if COVID19 occurs in the dormitory?

  • Clear posters in the facilities provide information about the most important protective and hygiene measures.
  • All tenants are regularly informed by email.
  • The cleaning service cleans the common areas regularly.

  • We ask for your support in keeping the common areas such as bathrooms and kitchens in the dormitories clean.
  • Please only use the communal kitchens for cooking at the moment, but not as a lounge.
  • We also recommend following general household hygiene tips:
  • Parties, BBQs, sporting events and meetings with more than 3 people are prohibited.
  • Please do not receive any visitors at the moment.
  • Please do not accept any other people into your room/apartment (except for already approved subtenants).

Yes. Quarantine orders for sick people and, if applicable, roommates and other contact persons are issued by the responsible health authority. We still ask sick tenants to send us a message so that we can implement further measures to protect the residents and caretakers if necessary. If you are sick with COVID 19 or have been ordered to quarantine at home, we recommend this leaflet from the Robert Koch Institute: Coronavirus infection and home quarantine . If you live in a shared apartment, please inform your roommates and give your dormitory administration your consent for roommates to also be informed by the dormitory administration.

You live in a single apartment:
Please spend the quarantine period exclusively in the apartment. Ask friends and acquaintances to do the shopping for you.

You live in a shared apartment with up to 6 people:
Please spend the quarantine period in your shared apartment or multi-room apartment. Arrange times with your roommates when you can use the kitchen and bathroom. The work surfaces and sanitary facilities must be disinfected before and after use. Ask your roommates to do the shopping for you.

You live in a shared apartment:
Under certain conditions, the caretaker will provide you with a refrigerator, a stove and a kettle for the period of quarantine so that you can take care of yourself. Roommates/neighbors are asked to help with shopping, etc. to help. In some dormitories there is a separate toilet available. If a separate toilet is not available, please always disinfect before and after use.

In general, you are not allowed to throw out the garbage, empty the mailbox or use the washing machine room.

In this case, please inform the responsible health authority and the dormitory administration.

You have a rental agreement with them studierendenWERK Completed BERLIN and come from a Corona risk area?
Then please note the following information:

  • If you are traveling from a risk area, you are obliged to use the digital one Entry registration the auszufüll
  • Regardless of entry options, a quarantine requirement continues to apply in Germany based on the Infection Protection Act in all federal states for travelers entering and returning from risk areas defined by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Before entering the country, please find out whether your country is a risk area. Please see the current list RKI - Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 - Information on the designation of international risk areas.
  • All other students from risk areas are subject to a 10-day quarantine and are required to report to the health department immediately. The quarantine can only be shortened after 5 days at the earliest if a corona test is carried out and the test result is negative. From this point on, the quarantine is lifted.
  • Please send your test result 


No. In this situation, we do not require students to vacate their room/apartment. Even now, enforcement law already applies: The tenant's right to physical integrity takes precedence over the landlord's interest in eviction. Since everyone is called upon to behave in solidarity and to drastically reduce contacts, the tenant cannot be obliged to move out - also to protect others. This also applies if you live in an apartment or a shared room or as a sublet on the open housing market.