Barrier-free living

This is what we want to do with the preferential provision of housing for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses studierendenWERK BERLIN enables these students to study in Berlin without barriers.

Information on renting barrier-free living space

The prerequisite for an application is admission or a certificate of enrollment from a Berlin university or college. The application is made online on the Residence portal our homepage.

If you need wheelchair-accessible living space, it makes sense to contact the responsible dormitory administration as early as possible (for first-year students, before you enroll).

To note:

  • In the application for admission, under “Disability” you can choose between chronic illness, walking, visual and hearing impairments and wheelchair users.
  • Please use the “Notes” field on our application portal to let us know your special wishes and needs. 
  • Please provide us with proof of your disability or chronic illness in the form of a copy of your severely disabled person's card or current certificates. This should indicate the particular restriction that justifies preferential treatment when allocating places. You can either send proof directly online via the admission application in the “Semester Contribution Payment Receipt” (if you no longer need to send the payment receipt as you already have a matriculation certificate) or you can send the proof subsequently by email to the responsible dormitory administration.

After your online application, an employee of the dormitory administration will contact you to discuss how to proceed. If suitable living space is available in the dormitories you have selected, you are entitled to the next available place. If there is no suitable living space in the dormitories you have selected, you will receive a different offer.

To note: If there is no demand for wheelchair-accessible living space, it will be rented to students without disabilities for a limited period of one semester. Please contact us in good time (see information under “Application for a place in a dormitory”).

The preferential allocation of living space only applies to primary care.

Students with disabilities and chronic illnesses who come to Berlin as program students are also given priority when allocating dormitory space.

However, program students cannot register themselves studierendenWERK Apply for housing in BERLIN. Special regulations apply here. You submit an application to your German university or the German institution that supervises it (e.g. DAAD, KAAD) stating your specific needs. Housing placement and allocation is then carried out centrally in the Student Housing Department studierendenWERKs BERLIN.

The barrier-free study advisory service for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses offers support and further information on all questions relating to studying with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Applications for inclusion services such as study assistance, sign language and written interpreters, book allowances and aids can also be submitted here.

The contact addresses of the Advice on barrier-free studying do you find >> here