The Student Administrative Council

We are always there for you.

We elected members of the Board of Directors are your voice, as we were elected by your respective StuPas. Even though we collect all kinds of information and complaints, we cannot speak for all of you because we do not know you or your specific problems. Therefore, in addition to the individual departments of the... studierendenWERKs (such as housing, canteens, etc.) if you have any fundamental problems, please feel free to contact us!

You can reach us at or via the form below.
If necessary, we can also arrange personal appointments.

All student representatives are elected to the election committee. This election committee is made up of one student from the member universities. The electoral regulations are currently being revised and should also take diversity aspects into account in the future. Each individual student parliament (StuPa for short) sends these members to the election committee. If you are interested in this work, please contact your StuPa or, of course, contact us directly.

Please note: For the duration of your membership on the Board of Directors, in order to avoid conflicts of interest, you cannot have any student employment relationships with the studierendenWERK Complete BERLIN.

First, you should contact the student parliament (StuPa) at your university. The StuPa meeting chair is usually part of the respective AStA, the student representative body at your university (see links below). It's best to ask whether your university already has representatives on the board of directors studierendenWERKs has sent or whether a new election will have to be held soon. You can in the List of members of the board of directors see whether the places at your university are currently occupied.

You then stand for election to an election committee in your student parliament. The election committee must then be informed by the StuPa that new students have been sent.

This electoral body then elects representatives from its ranks to the board of directors. The intermediate step is necessary because there are more universities than places on the administrative board, so elections have to be held again across Berlin.

However, since many positions on the administrative board are currently not filled, all students elected from the election committee are currently being re-elected to the administrative board.

Do you have questions about the election process? Write directly to the students on the administrative board:


Write to the board of directors!

What request do you have for us? :

You can send us your question here. We ask for your understanding that the answer may take a few days - we work on a voluntary basis and are not available every day.

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