Stay in Berlin

Overview of the most important regulations regarding residence for study and the asylum procedure


Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, the Council of the European Union decided on October 19, 2023 to extend the temporary protection for refugees from Ukraine by one year until March 4, 2025 to extend.

The German Federal Ministry of the Interior then issued a regulation regulating the following: 

If you have fled Ukraine and have a residence permit in accordance with Section 24 Paragraph 1 of the Residence Act, was valid until at least February 1, 2024, This permission, including its conditions and additional provisions, is valid until March 4, 2025 continued.

This means:

you have to be no request for an extension place. There is an appointment with the immigration authority (LEA). not necessary. 


  • Due to the automatic extension, the opportunities to work, study, receive social benefits, travel abroad and other guarantees and freedoms associated with the residence permit are retained.
  • Holders of such residence permits are therefore still entitled to benefits under SGB II and SGB XII and are generally entitled to benefits under the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG), child benefit, housing benefit and health insurance benefits.
  • Attention: this does not apply to fictitious certificates! If you have a fiction certificate that is expiring in the next few weeks, you must submit an extension application in good time!

Further information and a contact form for extending your fiction certificate can be found on the website LEA.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior and Homeland (BMI) has a nationwide Information sheet in Ukrainian, English and Russian published, which contains the most important information on the continued validity of residence permits: 


pdf: Procedural instructions for staying in Berlin (5.73 MB)