Our facilities in comparison

What does a cafeteria have that a cafeteria bakery doesn't have?

Can I actually get something warm to eat at the cafeteria bakery and can I still pay for my coffee somewhere with change?
You can get our varied meals close to campus in canteens, canteen bakeries, canteen coffee bars and canteen late bars.
So that you can see where the differences or similarities are, we have compared our furnishing types here.

Facilities in comparison

Warm food Salad buffet Sandwich Snack Dessert Ice Cream Cake Warm drinks Cold drinks Payment MensaCard upgrader
Canteen not everywhereusually 11:00 a.m. - 14:30 p.mMensaCard
bakery shop not everywhereusually 8:00 a.m. - 15:00 p.mMensaCardnot everywhere
coffeebar usually 11:00 a.m. - 18:00 p.mMensaCardnot everywhere
Späti Opening hours like buildingMensaCard/Visa/PayOnenot everywhere


Tables with chairs in a cafeteria.

What we offer in the canteens varies depending on the size of the facility. In most canteens you can put together your own meal and choose from the various components. Only in smaller establishments do we have to serve complete or partial menus due to lack of space.

Canteen bakery

Student at the checkout in a bakery shop.

Sandwiches, coffee, cake, etc. - here you can get delicious snacks and a small selection of warm dishes.

Canteen coffee bar

Students drinking coffee at tables and a counter with cakes.

Our cafeteria coffee bars offer high-quality tea and coffee specialties, some of which are fair trade and of sustainable quality. There is also a varied selection of cakes to match. 

Canteen late

Vending machine with drinks and dishes to warm up.

The Mensa Spätis are vending machines that are filled with canteen meals, which can be heated in the microwaves on site. Also snacks, cold and hot drinks. 

food truck

Photomontage of three food trucks, showing a red, green, yellow food truck.

Without a fixed location, but still indispensable, our three food trucks. They have loaded up with delicious dishes (also vegan), cakes, drinks, snacks and coffee specialties - just like in the cafeteria!