Apply for a company ticket

Here you will find all the information you need to apply for a BVG company ticket or Germany ticket.

Im studierendenWERK BERLIN there is the possibility of a subsidized by the employer VBB company ticket AB or Germany ticket job to acquire.

All eligible employees can do so online order portal submit a corresponding application to the BVG.

To register, you need the following access data, which must also be used when canceling your own company ticket in the order portal:

Corporate ticket agreement: 130580708


You also need to upload a passport photo there!

If you purchased a company ticket before October 12.10.23, 1, your existing eight-digit customer number will now be preceded by a “620”: XNUMXxxxxx. 

After you have submitted the company ticket application via the login, the Human Resources Management department will receive an email from the BVG asking you to confirm your authorization to use the company ticket. This confirmation must be made by the 10th of the previous month. You will then receive an order confirmation from BVG for your personal company ticket.

Please note that the start is only possible on the 1st of each month. Since the Human Resources Management department must confirm your authorization to use the company ticket, please always submit the online application by the 5th of the previous month at the latest. Please also take public holidays and weekends into account when submitting your application. Applications for company tickets must always be received by the BVG and confirmed by us by the 10th of the previous month at the latest!


Tickets in comparison

VBB company ticket ABGermany ticket jobOther subscriptions: Berlin subscription (not available as a job ticket)
ScopeBerlin ABthroughout GermanyBerlin AB
Transferabilitynot transferablenot transferablenot transferable
Free transport
Mon-Fri from 20.00 p.m.; One adult and up to three children all day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidaysjanono
A dogyes, Berlin AByes, VBB-wideyes, AB
A bicyclenonono
No long-term contracts without recalculation in the 1st yearnojaNo, only after 12 months of term, no cancellation possible before expiry
stW employer subsidy15 Euros15 Euros0 Euros
BVG discount8 Euros2,45 Euros0 Euros
Price (Tariff status as of May 01.05.2023, XNUMX, including employer subsidy and BVG discount)Max. 43,90 euros/month31,55 euros / month29 Euros


In principle, every employee can apply for the VBB company ticket AB or Deutschlandticket Job. Exceptions exist, among other things, for employees in the probationary period, for interns and student assistants, and for dormant employment relationships. The exact group of people can be found in Section 1 of the company ticket subsidy service agreement. 

As soon as the application has been confirmed by the BVG and you have received your VBB company ticket or Germany ticket job on the desired date, the employer subsidy of 15 euros per month will be transferred to you with your salary. The BVG debits the discounted price of the company ticket applied for from your account by direct debit. The ticket itself will be sent to you by the BVG.

The payment of the tax-free employer subsidy is shown separately on the annual tax certificate because the amount is offset against the flat-rate travel allowance (Section 9 Paragraph 1 Sentence 3 No. 4 Sentence 2 EStG).

Please consider that VBB company ticket Term of 12 months and is automatically extended for a further 12 months unless it is terminated in due time. In the event of early termination, the period of use will be billed based on the respective prices of the monthly VBB environmental cards with the corresponding spatial validity. This can lead to recalculations. If the termination occurs due to departure (e.g. pension or termination), no subsequent billing will take place.

The company ticket can be paid either monthly or once a year.

The Deutschlandticket job can only be paid monthly. 

A pair of VBB company ticket is always concluded for 12 months regardless of payment. The ticket is personal and cannot be transferred. If you would like to cancel the ticket before 12 months have elapsed, this may result in subsequent billing by the BVG.

For a Germany ticket You also have to take out a subscription, which can be canceled on a monthly basis.

During the ordering process it is possible to cancel an existing VBB subscription (BVG or S-Bahn Berlin GmbH) due to participation in the VBB company ticket. There will be no subsequent billing here, provided the new VBB company ticket connects seamlessly. Any amounts paid in excess (e.g. for annual payments) will be refunded to you.

Tip: You must provide your customer number during the ordering process. You can find these, for example, in your bank statements or in letters that you have received from the BVG.

The conversion of the previous stW company ticket to the Deutschlandticket Job will take place automatically on May 1, 2023.


Company ticket subscribers can change their account details and/or address independently Corporate ticket bot (Speech bubble symbol at the bottom right) or on the page carry out. To do this, the following fields must be selected:

Which group do you belong to?

I'm glad you stopped by. 😃 What topic interests you?
What can I do about...

What topic are you interested in?
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What topic is it specifically about?

What exactly is the change?
personal data

Which of your data would you like to change?

A contact field will then open in which all changes can be entered. In any case, you will need the BVG customer number - which can be found when the ticket price is debited from the bank statement. You can also find information here about what to do in the event of a name change or desired changes in the tariff or payment method, for example from monthly to annual or vice versa.

The process for applying for a tariff change (e.g. from Berlin AB to Berlin ABC) is now available in a simplified form on the BVG online portal.
The function is available as a button BVG order portal deposited after login.

Important information:

  • Tariff changes for company ticket subscriptions can be made by the employee BVG order portal to be commissioned.
  • The employer will then change the tariff BVG administration portal to confirm or reject. The specified confirmation deadline of the 6th of the month for incoming orders also applies to tariff change applications.
  • The tariff change will give you a new one honorCard delivered. The previous honorThe card can be disposed of independently on the start date of the tariff change and does not have to be returned to the BVG

If you have any questions about the company ticket subsidy service agreement or if you are not sure whether you are one of the people eligible to use it studierendenWERK count, please contact Human Resources at:

If you have technical questions about using the order portal, please use this Handbook, the information and contact options on the BVG website.

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Ordering process manual (German)

Ordering process manual (English)