This checklist is intended to make work easier for you and us. We want to avoid delays in processing.

Please note:

  • In individual cases, it is possible that additional documents are required due to special circumstances: your clerk will inform you about this.
  • Please answer all questions on the forms. When entering amounts such as income, please leave no fields blank (enter 0,00 if necessary).
  • Please don't forget to sign the application if you don't have it BAföG-Submit digitally.

If you submit the application BAföG-Digital you can upload the documents to your user area. 

Form 1

  • Copy of ID card/passport/current residence permit
  • Housing provider certificate or an excerpt copy of the rental agreement (pages of the rental agreement partner, rental address, start of the rental agreement and signature of the rental agreement), if you do not live with your parents
  • Proof of health and nursing care insurance with the legal basis and contribution amount if you pay contributions yourself
  • Proof of your own income during the approval period: pay slip for part-time job, work contract, scholarship notice, Riester pension certificate in accordance with Section 92 Sentence 1 Number 5 EStG, internship contract, training contract for dual studies, orphan's pension notice
  • Proof of assets/debts on the date of application: e.g. B. Bank statement on the amount of checking, bank, savings, building society and premium savings balances, surrender value of life insurance, estimate of your own vehicle ( and registration certificate part I)
  • Proof if you have transferred assets to other people (e.g. parents) within a period of 6 months before submitting your application
  • Curriculum vitae: Complete and complete career path
  • Proof of completion of your vocational training (degree/bachelor's certificate) and the periods of employment or substitute periods (e.g. unemployment, illness)

Certificate of enrollment/study or Form 2 (certificate according to § 9 BAföG)

  • for the current semester with details of the subjects, university and specialist semester. For the following semester, please submit your certificate of enrollment without being asked.

Form 3 (income statement)

  • with proof of income from parents, spouse or registered life partner from 2022 (Income tax notice: complete, all pages including all explanations), Riester pension certificate in accordance with Section 92 Sentence 1 Number 5 EStG, pension notice, pay notice for wage replacement benefits (e.g. sickness benefit, unemployment benefit). If no income tax assessment is available, print out the electronic income tax certificate). If this is not available (e.g. if you have income in a non-German area), please submit the salary certificate from December, which shows your annual income.

  • If necessary, a copy of school, study or training certificate for siblings from grade 10 or from the age of 15

Form 4 (children of the trainee)

  • To apply for the childcare allowance for your own children: a copy of the birth certificate of the child or children

Form 5 or proof of ECTS points

  • if funding is applied for from the 5th semester, proof of ECTS points,
    if the office has a general determination from the department or you have achieved at least 30 credit points per semester,
    otherwise form 5 (certificate of performance according to § 48 BAföG)


Form 7 (update request)

  • If the current income situation of the parents/spouse or registered life partner has deteriorated compared to the relevant calendar year 2020: (e.g. due to unemployment or retirement age), please extrapolate the income for the calendar year 2022 and provide appropriate evidence provide evidence (e.g. ALG II notice, pension notice...)


Form 9 – Follow-up application for training funding

You can find the requirements and required documents here.

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