Health and advice

Here you will find information on the topics of health, work and family as well as company integration management.

Health – company health management (BGM)

General contacts:

Telephone counseling: 0800 111 0 111 or 0800 111 0 222

Muslim counseling hotline: 030 44 35 09 821 (Turkish, Arabic, Urdu)

Parent telephone: 0800 111 0 550

Telephone advice for carers: Tel. 030 201 79 131


suicide (thoughts)

Suicide Prevention Network: Offers of help for people with suicidal thoughts; Offers of help for relatives

U25: Email advice for teenagers and young adults

Visit Berlin: Help for relatives affected by suicide

Help after suicide: 12-week online program for grieving families


Support for women:

Women's crisis hotline: (030) 6157596,

“Violence against women” helpline: 08000 116 016

Online counseling for women


Help in crises:

Crisis service Berlin: for people in acute emergency situations, sorted by district

District social psychiatric services: Help with mental illnesses and addictions

Advice guide online, advice center search by postal code



The crisis compass is a app, which is a kind of emergency kit for crisis situations. With the help of various functions, you can, among other things, pack your own personal tools for bad moments.

The online self-management program moodgym (Fitness for Mood) is used to prevent and relieve depressive symptoms.

The family coach depression helps to cope with everyday life with a relative or friend who is suffering from depression.

Info telephone Depression: 080 33 44 533

“Depression” discussion forum for relatives and those affected, Forum supported by moderators



Charité anxiety clinic,Contact:

Telephone 450517217 or 450517244

University outpatient clinic for psychotherapy and psychodiagnosis at Humboldt University:
Adlershof location: Tel. 2093-9322,
Rudower Chaussee 18
Central location: Tel. 2093-99108
Hausvogteiplatz 5-7

SEKIS (self-help contact and information point), Find self-help groups using the search function


Support for children and young people

Online advice for young people up to 19 years old, youth emergency mail

Advice addresses and interesting information:

Children and youth hotline: 0800 111 0333

Email advice for people under 25 in crises

Many other advisory services, for children and young people also online


FU Berlin is testing an app for mental health
The Free University of Berlin is currently looking for test subjects for a digital health application that is intended to help classify and manage psychological stress and complaints. We are looking for test subjects with mild and moderate signs of depression and anxiety. You can find more information about participation here.

Internal measures and offers: You can obtain further information from Ms. Henze or via ARIS

Information letter on the subject of alcohol consumption

External offers:

Free online self-help program for critical alcohol consumption: Program for people with risky and harmful alcohol consumption, with a test to check their own alcohol consumption

Regional addiction and drug counseling centers in BerlinContact points also for alcohol problems and medication abuse

Help for families struggling with addiction:  Support/accompaniment for parents suffering from addiction, help with parenting, support for affected children and young people

Thick and thinCounseling center for people with eating disorders

Lost in Space: Advice center for computer game and internet addiction (affected people, relatives)

Coffeé Unprecedented: Help with gambling addiction for those affected and their relatives

CoDa Germany eV.: Self-help for people who cannot break away from unfavorable relationships or who have problems building and maintaining healthy relationships

Smoking cessation (more Link) You can also find out more about this from your health insurance company.



Alcohol at work: Information for managers

Are you okay with alcohol?: Information, tests and tips on drinking behavior

An offer to anyone who would like to help a loved one with addiction problemsSupport and information for relatives on the topics of alcohol, tobacco, medication, illegal drugs, addictive behavior (brochure)

Eating disorders, what are they?Brochure on the types of eating disorders with case studies

Online yoga courses in studierendenWERK
The yoga courses FMP and Hardenbergstraße are now taking place online and are still looking for participants. All information can be found here here.


No desire or time for sports courses or fitness centers? On Youtube you will find many Exercise programs with which you can train comfortably at home.

University sports offers at favorable conditions


Further online offers:

Pause Express - Exercises for more movement in everyday working life: You can find short videos for active screen breaks from FU university sports here.

FU university sports various online sports courses (live)

Certified Online Health Courses: FAsk your health insurance company for offers.

Online health coaching: Health insurance companies offer free health coaching sessions lasting several weeks (fitness, nutrition, relaxation, smoking cessation); ask your health insurance company for offers.

How to stay fit at homeExercises for at home, the TK offer covers the topics of fitness, relaxation and mindfulness - also accessible free of charge to non-members

Online exercise offers – fitness at home: The AOK's sports partners (sports associations and clubs) have published exercise programs on YouTube and Facebook - some also for children and young people. The offers are freely accessible and free of charge.


Exercises for the workplace:

stretching (7 min)

Back exercises (3min)

Pain-free work (8 min)

General (8 min)

Fitness (13min)

Think of me – your backExercises for the back from the NRW accident insurance fund

Movement exercises to compensate for one-sided burdens, compiled by Studierendenwerk Bielefeld


Food traffic lights in the canteens: Fat, saturated fatty acids, sugar and salt in a dish are displayed and evaluated using a traffic light system

Certified nutrition courses are subsidized by your health insurance company. Many health insurance companies have a search function on their website to help you find the right course. Or you can ask for relevant offers by phone.

Nutritional consultation : is covered by health insurance for diseases caused by diet, such as diabetes, metabolic disorders, osteoporosis, allergies and cancer. The consultation must be prescribed by a doctor. The amount of costs covered varies from fund to fund.

Certified relaxation courses are subsidized by your health insurance company. Many health insurance companies have a search function on their website to help you find the right course. Or you can ask for relevant offers by phone.

Relaxation exercises against stress
body scan (Journey through your own body)
Progressive Muscle Relaxation (Consciously tensing and then relaxing muscle groups)

Set up a workspace in the home officeInformation from the accident insurance company

Compatibility of work and family

Single parent tips: Brochure, Updates to the Single Parent Tips brochure

Information for single parents: if the income is not enough: Brochure

Information for single parents with adult children: Brochure

Child benefit leaflet

Information + application for financial support for family trips for people with low incomes (Country Brandenburg)

Information on inexpensive children's and youth recreation opportunities and financial support options (Berlin)

Early help Berlin: reliable information, advice and support offers from the beginning of pregnancy until the third birthday; are aimed at all families who are having difficulties with their current situation and would like help and support

Early help near you Using the search function, parents of children between the ages of 3 and XNUMX can find support offers in difficult situations (nationwide)

My normal other child: Brochure on help, advice and relief for parents of small children with a disability or chronic illness

Lebenshilfe BerlinContact person for parents with disabled children     

Caritas Association BerlinContact point for school, work and housing for people with disabilities

Service point for parents with disabled children offers low-threshold advice on benefits, funding options and relief options

Care bases with children's representatives Accompaniment, advice and support close to home for families with disabled children; The children's representatives are experts in the special situation of families

Finished school and now what? With a Volunteer social year People aged 16 – 26 can try things out, gain experience and develop their skills. Also in the areas Culture, Politics, Sport, Environmental Protection,  Foreign countries,  Monument preservation(practical work on the monument) there are places.

Care films from AOK – practical support for caring relatives
These films offer practical help when caring for relatives. Each film contains detailed, easy-to-implement instructions for common care situations in everyday care at home. Topics include: B. Personal care, getting up after a fall, positioning, moving but also information about nursing care insurance benefits.

Dementia podcast: For everyone who is concerned with the topic of dementia

Help for organizing and planning care 

Back-friendly careBrochure

Care at home: Guide for home care

Explanatory film law for a better compatibility of care and workLegal regulations regarding reduction of working hours and exemption options

Dementia guideInformation for home care for people with dementia

Berlin guide on inclusion: for people with disabilities The brochure provides information about support services and help in all areas of life

Nursing bases in Berlin: Advice on all aspects of care and organization of care

Nursing bases in BrandenburgAdvice on all aspects of care and organization of care

Relief for the soul: Advice for caring relatives

Relief options for carersInformation from the consumer advice center

Help for carersimportant telephone numbers for those who urgently need help

Information for caring relatives on long-term care insurance, full or partial exemption, power of attorney, care directives and living wills; Information is constantly being added

Photo: Felix Noak / stW BERLIN
Image photo of employees from different areas.

Do you have work-related, personal or health problems or questions? Would you like specific support, e.g. B. when applying for benefits or advice and information? Would you like to talk about Measures and offers in studierendenWERK for health promotion inform? Then Doris Henze Your contact person. All concerns will be treated confidentially.

Do you have any questions about children or care? Do you need specific support, e.g. B. when applying for benefits? Would you like to find out about measures to improve the balance between work and family? (children, care) in studierendenWERK inform? Then Ms. Henze is also your contact person.

Company integration management (BEM)

Company integration management is a systematic process for the reintegration of employees who have long-term illnesses and often short-term illnesses. The primary goal of company integration management is to restore and promote the ability of employees to work after a long-term illness, to prevent further incapacity to work and thus to maintain the health and ability of employees to work and employ themselves.

Information on company integration management (BEM) on studierendenWERK You can find Berlin in the ARIS information system using the search term “BEM”.

Photo: Felix Noak / stW BERLIN
Employees from different areas talk.

If you have any direct questions about the topic of operational integration management, please contact the BEM team at