12. Dropping out of your studies or changing your field of study

There are numerous forms of dropping out of studies or changing subject areas. You are welcome to contact us Employees*turn inside.

These basic requirements apply:

Are you out? important reason (e.g. change of interests or inclinations, lack of aptitude) or the training for an unavoidable reason in If you drop out at the beginning of the 4th semester or change your subject area, you will receive training support for another course of study.

The law contains a presumption that if you change your subject for the first time or stop your training before the start of the 3rd semester an important reason is present. If the first change is made before the start of the 3rd semester, A change or termination does not have to be justified separately.

If the change only takes place after the start of the 3rd semester but before the start of the 4th semester, an important reason must be given and stated.

If semesters from the previous course of study are credited to the new field of study, the new field of study can still be funded for an important reason if the semester loss due to the crediting is limited to a maximum of three semesters.

If the cancellation or change takes place first to  At the start of the 4th semester, funding for another course of study will only be provided if you have one irrefutable You have a reason for canceling or changing. This also applies if you have not applied for or received any funding for your previous studies!

Irrefutable is only one reason that does not allow a choice between continuing the previous training and discontinuing it or changing to another specialty. An irrefutable reason is then e.g. B. an unexpected disability - perhaps the result of an accident - or an allergy to certain substances that makes it objectively impossible to pursue the job you previously wanted to do.

1 example: Student A switched to studying law after two semesters of chemistry. Since semester credit cannot be given, two semesters are “lost”. However, this does not affect the training funding, which begins again with semester 1 and funding is therefore possible for studying in the new subject until the end of the standard period of study.

2 example: Student B studied chemistry for one semester, switches to law after one semester and then to English with the option of becoming a teacher after another semester (standard period of study is 6 semesters).

The loss of an additional semester caused by the second change can no longer be funded in the form of “normal funding” (subsidy/loan) for the semester already used, but only in the form of an interest-free full loan.

I still get it if I change my specialty BAföG?