We educate

You can learn a profession with us.

The versatility of the studierendenWERKs offers you the optimal conditions for a successful start to your professional life. We received the award for our practical training TOP training company certified. The training occupations offered are usually completed in three years. Our expert trainers will teach you a wide range of interesting content and involve you in day-to-day business right from the start.

Our apprenticeships

Arrive well in your training

We are aware that the transition from school to working life is an enormous change. To make the transition easier for you, our expert trainers, social workers and, of course, the trainees from the other years of training are available to assist you. Our training officer and youth training representative are also there for you.

In the first few days of work, your trainers will inform you about the general conditions studierendenWERK BERLIN informed. You get to know your colleagues and your workplace. At the annual trainee day, you will meet all other trainees and the practical instructors across disciplines studierendenWERK.

We also support you with additional lessons (if necessary) and intensive exam preparation.

We offer you

  • Tariff security – TVAöD-BBiG studierendenWERK BERLIN
  • Annual vacation: 30 days (plus time off on December 24.12th/December 31.12st)
  • Training allowance: 1st year €1.068,26; 2nd year €1.118,20; 3rd year €1.164,02
  • Follow-up contract of at least half a year with good training qualifications
  • €400 bonus for successfully completing your training
  • Regular working hours, no shifts and*or weekend work
  • Capital-forming benefits and annual special payment
  • Company pension scheme from 17 years old
  • High-quality training from committed and expert trainers and practical instructors
  • Support from our training representative and a youth training representative
  • Support with additional tutoring and exam preparation
  • Health management