Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak

WH Wassertorplatz



Room for one person
Quantity Adults Living space Rental price Availability
49 1 10 – 23 sqm 270 – 355 € Waiting time over 18 months
  • live in single rooms in shared apartments
  • Up to six residents live together in an apartment and share a common kitchen and bathroom/toilet
  • partly unfurnished
Apartment for one person
Quantity Adults Living space Rental price Availability
2 1 34 – 35 sqm 355 – 410 € Waiting time over 18 months
  • live in a single apartment with its own kitchen and bathroom/toilet
  • partly unfurnished



General information about the dormitory:

  • centrally located, very good location in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district
  • very good transport connections with the subway
  • beautiful old Berlin building with beautiful outdoor facilities and many leisure activities


  • Washing machine room
  • Common areas
  • hobby rooms
  • Sauna

Allocation of free rooms:

The residents of a shared apartment are allowed to choose their new roommates themselves, but each resident receives their own rental agreement. A shared apartment casting takes place for this purpose. The choice is the responsibility of the shared apartment residents. The prerequisite for an invitation to the casting is that you have already applied for housing through our applicant portal and have an active application. To answer your questions about the casting, the shared apartment will name one of its residents as a contact person and provide an email address. 

The shared apartment must observe the General Equal Opportunities Act (AGG) in the selection process.      

Further information

This project was created in the middle of Kreuzberg in 1977. The apartment sizes in the STUK project (students and Kreuzbergers) range from one to ten-room apartments.

The buildings accommodate a total of 43 residential units as well as several commercial spaces. The corner of the house stands out from the neighboring buildings from afar thanks to the glass towers and the walkway that runs over the flattened ridge. There is a 70 square meter greenhouse on the roof and a combined heat and power plant in the basement.

As part of this project, several old buildings that were originally intended for demolition were built Wassertorplatz repaired largely through self-help and a new form of coexistence between students and non-students was developed. The students were involved in the renovation and conversion planning at an early stage.





Kohlfurter Straße 2, 4
Erkelenzdamm 45/47/49
10999 Berlin / Germany (District: Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg)
+030 93939 8990 XNUMX
Monday till Thursday
10: 00 17 to: 00 pm
10: 00 15 to: 00 pm
U1, U8 (Kottbusser Tor)
Barenboim-Said Academy: 2,7 km
HfM: 2,9 km
HUB: 3,4 km
UdK: 6,5 km