What do I have to consider when moving out?

Cancel first

If you have decided to move out soon, log in to your dorm portal and click on your current contract. The cancellation button will then become active. Let us know when you would like to move out. Your notice period is 6 weeks to the end of the month. This means that you can always cancel on the 15th of the month at the end of the following month. If the cancellation button does not work for you, we will also accept your cancellation via the dormitory portal. 

The caretaker comes 

As soon as we become aware of your cancellation, you will receive a confirmation. We will then let you know when the caretaker will look at your room. He will inform you exactly what you still have to do before you move out. Please follow his instructions. 

The day of departure

The statement must be made no later than 24.12 a.m. on the last working day before the end of the contract (Monday-Friday, excluding public holidays, not on December 31.12th and December 08st). To hand over the key/coin, please make an appointment directly with the caretaker. This way you avoid waiting times and can reach the train or plane on time. Please tidy up your room, kitchen and bathroom and clean everything thoroughly. Even if you have roommates, the kitchen and bathroom must be clean when you move out! If the room is not handed over properly, we will hire a company. You must bear the costs yourself. Please do not throw things you no longer need into the household trash on the day you move out - the trash cans will then overflow! Please dispose of bulky waste and electronic waste at the recycling center a few days in advance. If you have a bike, please think about it and don't leave it careless. 

Last but not least

Remember to place a forwarding order for your mail and deregister at the Citizens' Office.