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New in studierendenWERK: We welcome Lea Winnig

New in studierendenWERK: We welcome Viktoria Lorenz

Another year has passed, with numerous anniversaries to celebrate again.

Join us at the anniversary celebration in 2023!

How do our educators stay up to date?

An insight into the daycare day 2023 with a focus on media education. 

That's how it was when breaking the fast. Simply great!
Thanks again to the whole cafeteria team for their great effort!
And to our colleagues Jan and Insa for organizing!

It's going to be sporty in May! 
We are calling for the May Challenge again. 
Get involved too! 

What does the InfoCenter Wohnen actually do?
Manager Ellen Krüger explains it...

Also numerous employees of the studierendenWERKs celebrate Ramadan.
This video explains what this means, just in time for the beginning of the Muslim Lent.

Unfortunately, this video is no longer available

We have reorganized our company health management.

New in studierendenWERK: We welcome Fritzi Guntermann

New in studierendenWERK BERLIN: We welcome Elena Wuttke

New in studierendenWERK BERLIN: We welcome Laura Hoßfeld!

Greetings from the management for the new year (will be published on January 1.1.23st, XNUMX) 

Making of our recruiting film

December 14.12.2022, XNUMX: Our new recruiting film is online!

Many thanks again to all colleagues who took part.

November 21.11.2022, 3: Episode XNUMX
Contents include opening of a new cafeteria with a Japanese concept, anniversary celebration in the summer, bakery shops now also offering hot meals

May 04.05.2022, 2: Episode XNUMX. Contents include May Challenge, company party, diversity officer

January 20.01.2022, 2021: The XNUMX annual review