Writing consultants

The team at your side introduces itself

Our team of trained Writing consultants will be happy to accompany you in all phases of the writing process - from A for beginning to Z for citation.
Our advice is based on the peer principle, meaning most of our advisors are still studying themselves.

Our team at a glance

Conclusion: Master in Biographical and Creative Writing, Diploma in Education from the TU Berlin

Languages: German, English

Conclusion: Master's degree in talent research and competence development, writing consulting training at the European University Viadrina

Languages: German, English

Conclusion: Master of German as a Foreign Language: Cultural Education (FU Berlin), Writing Advisory Training University of Hamburg (Multilingual Writing Workshop)

Languages: German, Russian, English

Education: BA history, philosophy and teaching-related professional science at the Free University of Berlin

Languages: German, English

Conclusion: BA Spanish Philology from the University of Innsbruck, since October 2021 MA Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies at the FU Berlin

Languages: German, English, Spanish

Education: BA Chinese Studies/East Asian Studies at the FU Berlin

Languages: German, English

Completion: BA English Studies and Musicology / Sound Studies (University of Bonn), since 2021 MA American Studies at HU Berlin

Languages: German, English

Conclusion: BA Philosophy and General and Comparative Literature FU Berlin

Languages: German, English