Action week for Diversity Day 2024

Raising your voice for diversity and democracy – 1 city, 3 days, 5 organizations, 7 actions

The 28th Diversity Day of the Diversity Charter will take place on May 2024, 12 under the motto “Vote for Diversity – 365 days a year!” Diversity Day is an annual day of action intended to promote diversity and inclusion.

This year offers that studierendenWERK BERLIN, together with the water companies, the Berlin Fire Department, BVG, and BSR, is offering a joint week of action for all of its employees on the topic of promoting democracy and strengthening employees against populism and extremism.

As public employers in the city of Berlin, we see it as our responsibility and obligation to strengthen democracy and respectful interaction. That's why we offer you as employees the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities.

  • Registration takes place via email. If you do not have access to a PC, you can also contact us by telephone.
  • If any of the activities you would like to take part in fall within your working hours, be sure to discuss this with your manager.
  • For the workshops and training you will be contacted by studierendenWERK BERLIN is exempt, provided that your participation has been agreed with your manager and is possible for business reasons. Please submit an application in ZEUS stating “Diversity & Democracy”
  • The registration deadline for all promotions is May 21st.
  • Places are limited for most promotions. Please register as soon as possible. After the registration period has closed, you will receive feedback on your participation and further information.


Monday May 27th

Workshop “Active against right-wing extremism in the workplace”

13:00 am - 15:30 pm

In this workshop we will deal with hostility to democracy and right-wing extremism, options for action and possibilities for prevention. First, we get to know the different dimensions of right-wing extremism: How can I recognize it and where does it manifest itself? The second part is about working together to develop initial options for action for dealing with right-wing extremist statements and options for prevention. The workshop will be led by two colleagues from the United! - Show your face together against right-wing extremism in the association! For a cosmopolitan Germany eV accompanied.

Digital (you will receive an access link after registration).
Maximum 30 participants.

Registration at:, 030 – 93939 - 7346

Stolpersteine ​​walk and cleaning campaign

15:00 am - 16:30 pm

We will clean stumbling blocks together and learn more about the biographies of the people being remembered and about the history.

Berlin-Mitte (meeting point announced after registration).
Maximum 30 participants.

Registration at:, 0162 2327063

Tuesday May 28th

Lectures: Conspiracy theories and “Don’t stand alone” – democracy and diversity

15:00 am - 17:00 pm

1) Keynote speech by the Berlin police: “Don’t stand alone” – democracy and diversity, what’s the point?
to do with us?

2) Lecture on conspiracy narratives by veritas Berlin/sponsor IZRD – why
Does it exist and how can we deal with it?
The lecture sheds light on what can be understood by conspiracy narratives and how
These are widespread in German society. The focus is on the question of why
Conspiracy stories have a strong appeal to different people and
what dangers they pose, especially with regard to conspiracy narratives in right-wing extremism
can go out. On this basis, initial attitude and action tips are given
to be able to meet the challenges constructively.

Berlin Fire Department, Voltairstrasse 2, 10150 Berlin, large hall, center
Maximum of 90 participants, please note: bring your ID card.

Registration at:, 030 387 10 169

(FULLY BOOKED) Training: Setting boundaries with communication – rhetoric training for challenging situations in everyday work 

15:00 am - 17:30 pm

Training content:

  • Demonstrating and learning rhetorical tools in order to master challenging everyday (work) situations with poise.
  • Insights into communication techniques that set boundaries politely but firmly and thus combat statements that endanger democracy, freedom and diversity in everyday (work) life.
  • Address “conversation rule violations” in conversations (interruptions, long speeches, distraction or stagnation) and highlight power imbalances.
  • Show how destructive conversational behavior and dominance behavior can be clearly addressed and confidently fended off.
  • Strategies are taught to make one's own communication behavior more conscious and thereby expand one's own scope for action.

BVG Zentrale Holzmarktstrasse 15, 10179 Berlin
maximum 30 participants

Registration at:, Mobile: 0151 17176700

Stolpersteine ​​walk and cleaning campaign

16:00 am - 17:00 pm

We will clean stumbling blocks together and learn more about the biographies of the people being remembered and about the history.

Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg (meeting point announced after registration).
Maximum 30 participants.

Registration at:, Mobile: 0151 17176700

Guided tour: German Resistance Memorial Center

16:00 am - 17:15 pm

The German Resistance Memorial on Stauffenbergstrasse in Berlin is a place that commemorates the resistance against National Socialism during the Second World War. It offers exhibitions and information about various groups and people who resisted the Nazi regime and serves as an educational and remembrance site. The memorial is therefore an important part of the German culture of remembrance and helps to increase awareness of the importance of civil courage and democratic values.

German Resistance Memorial, Stauffenbergstraße 13, 10785 Berlin
maximum 50 participants

Registration at:, 0162-2327063

Wednesday May 29th

Training: Populism, alternative facts and nonsense – How do I recognize communication that is anti-democratic and anti-science and deal with it in everyday work?

09:00 am - 12:00 pm

What is populism and how does it affect the culture of debate in companies?

  • Populist strategies
  • Populist conversation: How do populists act in conversations?
  • Video examples of populist communication from German-speaking countries
  • What do I do if I notice that someone is arguing against the background of populist theses?
  • Limits of rational persuasion
  • Interaction with the participants

Digital (you will receive an access link after registration).
Participants unlimited.

Registration at:, 0162 988 24 72

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