Study assistance

Study assistants help students with chronic illnesses and/or disabilities to successfully complete their studies.

What is a study assistantship?

Students with chronic illnesses and/or disabilities can studierendenWERK BERLIN can submit an application for a so-called inclusion benefit, which also includes study assistantships. Study assistants work as self-employed freelance workers and each receive a fee of 15 euros per hour. This is a gross fee, of which all social security contributions must be paid. Payment is made through the studierendenWERK Berlin, after receiving the appropriate approval notice, to the study assistants who receive the money
forward it to the study assistants.

The job is diverse and is usually carried out by fellow students, students from higher semesters or university graduates. The tasks are individually tailored to the impairment-related needs and can include:

Taking notes

  • Preparation of notes
  • Preparation of transcripts
  • Make copies

Structuring aid

  • Support in creating timetables
  • Structuring the study tasks/workload
  • Help with planning the further course of your studies
  • Support with organizational matters (e.g. registration for exams)

Mobility assistance, accessibility

  • Accompaniment to libraries
  • Support within the university
  • Handouts (small service, assistance)
  • Barrier-free preparation of documents

Correction help

  • for term papers and final papers (no content/technical correction)

Contact person

  • Supporting communication with lecturers, university staff and fellow students
  • Accompany meetings in the study context

Step 1: Submit documents

The studierendenWERK BERLIN requires a current certificate of enrollment or your university degree certificate from you
University degree and a copy of your photo ID. If you already have someone you want to assist, you can with your job
begin as soon as the person requiring assistance has received the approval notice.

If you don't have anyone you can assist, we'll be happy to support you and try to place you with students who need assistance. Write us an email to:

Step 2: Register with the tax office

Study assistants are independent, paid employees. Self-employment must be registered with the tax office online using the “tax registration questionnaire”. This will give you your tax number so you can issue invoices. This requires the creation of a user account MAGPIE necessary.

As a self-employed person, you are obliged to write invoices. A template for an annual invoice is available from the Barrier-Free Study Advisory Service. There is also an obligation to submit an annual tax return; the deadline is July 31 of the following year.

Study assistants are independent, paid employees. Special rules must be observed here:

pension Insurance

  • As a rule, there is no obligation to have pension insurance if you are self-employed on a small scale, i.e. with an income of up to 520 euros per month or if you have a combination of marginal employment (mini-job) and a small amount of self-employed work for a fee (up to 520 euros).
  • Compulsory pension insurance may apply if you earn from 520,01 euros (also dependent on the content and characteristics of the job)
  • an examination of the insurance requirement is at the German pension insurance is also possible

Health Insurance and Care Insurance

The health insurance company checks whether someone is self-employed full-time or part-time, depending on the time and economic importance of the self-employed activity. Please note that there is an obligation to inform the health insurance company about starting self-employment!

A part-time self-employed person is a person who usually works less than 20 hours per week, including preparation and follow-up work. Student health insurance is still possible here. The health insurance company may check the amount of income. In the case of family insurance, a monthly profit from self-employment of up to 470 euros is possible. For further information, please contact your health insurance company.


Becomes BAföG (Federal Training Promotion Act), the profit that exceeds an amount of 420,92 euros per month will be taken into account for fee income. The income during the approval period is distributed evenly across the months of the approval period.