Living studio Gelfertstraße

Living and working artistically under one roof. In the Gelfertstraße is that possible.

Photo: Luise Wagener/STWB

Living and creative work under one roof!

Creative or artistically active students need special rooms in order to study and work successfully. The studierendenWERK BERLIN has developed a living space concept tailored entirely to your needs. In the Living studio Gelfertstraße Living and working form a successful symbiosis. Creative students should inspire each other by working together, make contacts and get a taste of other techniques, methods and disciplines.

At the center of the house is the large shared studio space of around 130 square meters. Each resident of the residential studio has their own workstation.

Many creative people particularly love communal life. In the 3- to 6-person shared apartments, residents can always be inspired by the work of their roommates. If you like it quieter you can move into a single apartment. There are a total of 5 apartments available. A barrier-free room is also available. 

Generous living areas outside the rooms and maisonette apartments, such as: B. the kitchen and the dining area ensure that the living studio Gelfertstraße looks like a large, communally inhabited house in which everyone still has private retreat spaces.

The residential studio is located in “House 1” of the dormitory complex Gelfertstraße. The dormitory was built between 1961 and 1964 and consists of 4 houses with a total of 94 places, of which 18 places are in the living studio.

Photo: Luise Wagener/STWB

Practical information about the living studio 

The living arrangements

The residential studio offers different types of rooms and living arrangements: single rooms in 3-person, 4-person and 6-person shared apartments of approx. 10 to 17m2, as well as small maisonette apartments of almost 30m2 and their own bathroom. The maisonette apartments are up to 5 meters high and have e.g. T. large studio windows with northern light. All rooms are furnished, have generous windows and look out onto the countryside.

The studio and the shared living spaces

The shared studio forms the heart of the building. It has large windows facing the garden and a room height of 4 meters. 

It is equipped with water and electricity connections as well as work surfaces. With the exception of certain materials and techniques (e.g. highly flammable materials, odorous materials, noise-producing techniques, etc.), the studio spaces can be used freely. Coexistence is regulated by studio rules. There are additional areas designated for working outside.

The building has a total area of ​​around 750 m2, of which around 130 m2 is used as studio space. It also has a large communal kitchen and a spacious dining area and direct access to the green area. The shared rooms share common bathrooms. 

The rent and rental period

Depending on the size of the living space, there are different rents from 552 euros to 692 euros (maisonette apartments) per month.

This amount already includes the basic rent, the costs for water (hot and cold), electricity, heating and fast internet. All residents can use the studio space and the shared living areas.

The contracts are concluded for a period of one year and can be extended as long as the right to live in accordance with the guidelines for the allocation of residential places exists. The residence permit lasts 5 years and can be extended for a maximum of 2 years.

The location

The residential studio is part of the large dormitory complex in the Gelfertstraße 45. The nearest subway station is “Freie Universität” on the U3.

 The subway takes you quickly and without changing to Charlottenburg, Schöneberg, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. The cultural centers in Berlin's west and center can be reached quickly and easily.

The immediate surroundings are very green and quiet. In summer you can reach the Krummen Lanke or Schlachtensee in just a few minutes by bike.

Photo: Luise Wagener/STWB


Who can apply?

Around in the living studio Gelfertstraße To be able to live, you have to live in one of the areas with the studierendenWERK BERLIN cooperating universities must be enrolled. You don't have to complete any specific artistic or creative courses. But you should have a need for a space for artistic and creative work. There are always rooms available in the dormitory. When you apply, we will inform you about it. You can find the registration form here: 

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