Daycare at the Berlin University of Technology and Economics

In our daycare center we offer children the opportunity to engage with future-relevant topics while playing, researching and experimenting. Welcome to the daycare center at the University of Technology and Business!


Our daycare center at a glance

Welcome to our website! Our daycare center is located on the ground floor of the start-up house at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences. It offers space for up to 70 children aged 8 weeks until they start school. “Education for sustainable development” and “basic scientific experiences” are educational focuses in the daycare center at the HTW.

The basis of our educational activities is the Berlin education program. In this way, we meet a holistic educational requirement and can support and support the children's development based on their strengths. We pay particular attention to the educational areas of “Education for Sustainable Development” and “Basic Scientific Experiences”.

In early childhood, the foundations for skills and values ​​are laid that determine how we interact with ourselves, other people and the environment. Education for sustainable development aims to strengthen children's self-efficacy and promote respectful interaction with one another and aims to encourage children to think and act responsibly.

In our daycare center we offer children the opportunity to engage with future-relevant topics while playing, researching and experimenting. The focus is on the children's spirit of discovery and playful research and experimentation.

Time for experiments and our garden offers a variety of opportunities to do so. Our house is open to children's ideas, creativity and imagination. We take this into account and offer the children support and creative space to explore and further shape the living environment in our community. We provide children with special stimuli through a wide variety of nature and environmental experiences. In our raised beds, children can sow and care for their own vegetable plants or flowers.

You can download our educational concept here.

The daycare center has large, bright rooms and is divided into two areas: the crèche area and the area for children aged 3 - 6 years. The crèche area includes two groups of 15 children each. Each group can use two group rooms. The children also have access to a studio and a spacious dining room, which is also used for joint activities.

In the mixed-age area for children aged 3 - 6 years, we organize everyday life open to groups. In order to enable the children to play intensively and undisturbed, the rooms are named and furnished according to their functions. There is the building space, the dreamland and “the doll paradise” our role play space. A studio and a dining room are also available to the children in this area.

Our outdoor area, in a quiet location and surrounded by nature, is a special place for children to play and discover. Trees, hedges, natural corners and structural elements, such as our wooden ship or the nest swing, encourage movement and playing together.


The facility is attended by children, not all of whom come from the immediate community. That's why it's important to us to familiarize them with the surrounding area through excursions. The children experience nature through the changing seasons and in different weather. The children learn to move with and in a group, to follow rules and thereby acquire social skills. Depending on the offer, we also take the children to the theater, the Spatzenkino and museums, to the zoo, to Wuhlheide, etc.

Festivals and Celebrations

Over the course of a daycare year, we have many opportunities to celebrate. They are important to us because they break up everyday life, bring joy and fun and leave behind beautiful memories. There is one every year for our preschool children Kinderfest im Freiraum - the event hall of the cultural area studierendenWERKs - instead. Every year we also look forward to our annual summer festival and our Lantern Festival in autumn.

Sport and exercise

We use the university gymnasium once a week. In addition to having fun with exercise and playing, we give children the opportunity in a variety of ways to become aware of their physical strengths and to discover the social aspects that make up sport.


It is important to us that the children enjoy moving around a lot. We usually go to the in-house playground every day and in almost any weather. There the children can romp around, climb, swing, slide, dig and explore nature to their heart's content. A water connection ensures water fun in summer.

Participation and involvement

Our team is currently dealing with children's rights and is developing a pedagogical orientation basis in which the children's concrete decision-making rights for our everyday life will be described.

“All under one roof”

Children from different cultures meet in our daycare center. The current project of the mixed-age area “All under one roof” offers the opportunity to get to know the diversity of the children, their native languages ​​and lifestyles as an enrichment. The project begins with an afternoon together in which children, parents and educators introduce each other to games, photos, songs and typical local dishes. In addition to other activities, this also includes greeting the children in the morning circle in the different languages, which brings intercultural learning into everyday life at the daycare center.

The daycare center has been a partner daycare center of the Berlin volleyball club Vorwärts eV since November 2023. Clubs do daycare is a partnership program between daycare centers and sports clubs that aims to provide additional exercise options the motor, personal, social and cognitive skills of children to strengthen. Movement trainers from the association are in our daycare center for 4 hours a week and work with our educators to... playful, joyful and imaginative Way to increase children's exercise time. More information Berlin volleyball club Vorwärts eV.

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Reinforcements wanted!

We welcome educators with state recognition at any time. You can apply online or by e-mail.



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