Kita at the UdK Berlin and the TU Berlin

We provide children with a holistic education, with the aim of a greater focus on art and aesthetics in their entirety. Welcome to the daycare center at the UdK Berlin and the TU!

Our daycare center at a glance

Children's toys in front of books.

Welcome to the daycare center at the UdK and TU Berlin! Up to 60 children aged eight weeks until they start school attend our daycare center. We have 24 crèche places and 36 places in the elementary area for children aged 3 and over.

We work according to the Berlin education program. Through our offerings, we enable children to receive a holistic education, with the aim of a greater focus on Art and aesthetics in its entire width. In our daycare center, diverse aspects of aesthetic experiences – painting, drawing, pottery, building, inventing, dancing, singing – have found their place. Every child receives support from a caregiver at all times. The daycare center also has stimulating rooms and materials. There is a children's studio in each of the crèche and elementary areas.

You can download our educational concept here.

"Small house"

Im Small house Our room concept ensures a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and offers space for 24 children from the age of 8 weeks to approx. 2,5 years.

Freedom for experimental, self-determined learning – For their first start into independence, the children find stimulatingly designed corners as well as protected and manageable areas that offer them security and the freedom they need for their joy of discovery. In the “Small House” there is a studio in addition to protected play areas.


Individual holistic support – We accompany and support each individual child based on their needs, inclinations and development needs. For this reason, we maintain close and open cooperation with parents and other caregivers right from the start.

We agree on the move to the open area of ​​the “Big House” together with the parents. It takes place at around 2 ½ to 3 years of age, but always depending on and adapted to the child's individual level of development.

"Large house"

In the large house, up to 36 children from around 2 ½ years old spend playing and learning time together until they start school.

Create spaces of experience - The spacious room design enables the children to play and learn independently. In addition to free activity areas, retreats and relaxation rooms, there is a large studio that invites you to discover and experiment and offers the children artistic freedom.

outdoor area

Our outdoor area is loved by the children. It is located far away from the road in a quiet location and offers the children a natural environment. Trees, hedges and bushes as well as hill-like elements, slides and tubes encourage movement and play. There is a stage available for the children to play role games. In the summer months our water pump is very popular with the children.


With our activities, such as walks in the Tiergarten and the surrounding area as well as the use of Berlin's cultural offerings, we regularly inspire our children and expand their scope of experience. These are particularly important to us Forest days from March to October.

Festivals and Celebrations

Over the course of a daycare year, we have many opportunities to celebrate. They are important to us because they break up everyday life, are fun and leave behind beautiful memories. There is one every year for our preschool children Kinderfest in the "Freiraum" - the event hall of the cultural area studierendenWERKs - instead.

summer festival

Our summer party is one of the highlights in everyday daycare. Every year many families take part in the preparation. With music and theater, the festival offers parents the opportunity to exchange ideas while getting together in our garden.

The daycare center has been a partner daycare center of TUKI (Theater & Daycare Center) since September 2019. TUKI is a partnership program between daycare centers and theaters that aims to sustainably strengthen early childhood cultural education in Berlin. More information at

Closing times 2024

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Reinforcements wanted!

We welcome state-recognized educators at any time. Simply apply by email: or online


Siegmunds Hof A 17

Siegmunds Hof A 17
10555 Berlin / Germany (District: Middle)
+ 49 (0) 30 93939 - 8480
Opening hours:
Mon., Tue., Wed., Fri., 07:30 a.m. - 17:00 p.m.,
Thursday, 07:30 a.m. - 16:30 p.m

Susanne Rinck
Fabian Grimm (Deputy)

Management office hours:
after agreement by telephone 
S-Bahn S3, S5, S7, S9, S45; Bus N9, S7
Stop: Tiergarten
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UdK: 1,4 km
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