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The most frequently asked questions from universities at a glance.

Gastronomic service for universities

The studierendenWERK BERLIN is an institution under public law and is therefore entrusted with a public task. What this consists of will be discussed in Studierendenwerks law of the state of Berlin formulated. It is fundamentally our job to ensure that students are provided with supplies.

We are also permitted to cater for university members and guests of the universities. And we are very happy to do that: many university members have been our regular guests for years.

Even if we don't always recognize every face with over 35.000 guests per day, we are happy that you are here and want you to feel comfortable with us.

At this point we would like to answer the most frequently asked questions that we are asked again and again by university members at a glance.

We can only keep prices so low for students because we receive support. With their semester fee, students pay a so-called social contribution, which goes to the studierendenWERK BERLIN is taken away. In addition, this preserves studierendenWERK a grant from the state of Berlin.

Very strict checks are made to ensure that these donations really only go towards the care of students. The catering for university members or guests of the universities must therefore be completely cost-covering.

This includes not only the value of the food, but also the ongoing operating costs of the canteens and coffee bars, costs for cleaning, energy and procurement, costs for investments and of course personnel costs. The price categories for university employees and guests of the universities are structured accordingly.

This generates profit studierendenWERK not. But it must observe all of the conditions mentioned, must ensure that the food purchased meets all important quality standards and it must prove that it is covering costs when supplying university employees and university guests.

There is no cross-subsidization of student prices through income from catering to other guest groups. The prices for students are supported on the one hand by funding from the State of Berlin, and on the other hand by the students themselves, who make a significant contribution to financing the project with their social contributions studierendenWERKs BERLIN contribute.

On the one hand, this often has to do with the quality of the goods used, but it is also due to the special conditions under which this occurs studierendenWERK BERLIN is subject to public law as an institution.

We employ our employees according to the tariff, specifically the TvöD. We can only counteract seasonal fluctuations in the number of guests to a limited extent - if, for example, For example, even if there are fewer guests in the cafeteria during the lecture-free period, we still employ our permanent staff in the kitchen, in the serving area and at the checkout.

The public service entails additional conditions to which other catering providers are not subject: We are obliged to ensure that our suppliers also adhere to important legal regulations such as: B. maintain the minimum wage law. Therefore, we cannot always commission the “cheapest” supplier.

When preparing our food, we not only ensure compliance with all applicable standards, it is also important to us that the food meets the highest standards. We offer numerous meals whose ingredients come from sustainable agriculture or fishing and our coffee and cocoa come exclusively from fair trade. This also makes up the price difference here and there compared to other providers.

The studierendenWERK BERLIN serves around 35.000 guests every day. Our facilities are very busy, especially at lunchtime. It is therefore important to make billing for meals as uncomplicated as possible. Searching for your wallet or the necessary change on one side and, if necessary, change on the other takes a lot of time and causes excessively long queues in the checkout area.

The use of the MensaCard has therefore proven to be effective. It enables cashless bookings at the checkouts and ensures quick processing in this area. There is a specially coded version of the MensaCard for each price category. The cards are available at every ticket office studierendenWERKs for a deposit of 1,55 euros.

When purchasing the card, you must prove that you are a university employee. This can be done using your work ID card or another confirmation from your own employer. So if you don't have a service card from your university, simply ask your human resources department for a service certificate. Unlike students who have to have their student ID with them every time they visit the cafeteria, university members only need to prove their status once, directly when purchasing the MensaCard.

It is fundamental to that studierendenWERK BERLIN also allows guests of the universities to be catered for. But they also need a MensaCard. You can purchase the MensaCard at all cash registers and the corresponding machines. The general conditions apply MensaCard.

Guest card machines (multiloaders) are available in the following facilities:

  • Coffee bar HU Grimmzentrum
  • Canteen TU Hardenbergstraße
  • Canteen FU II
  • Canteen HU North
  • Canteen HTW Wilhelminenhof
  • Canteen FU Lankwitz
  • Canteen HU Oase Adlershof
  • Canteen TU Marchstrasse
  • Canteen Berlin University of Technology
  • Canteen FU Otto Suhr Institute
  • Canteen TU Skyline

For example, if universities are hosting a congress and would like to visit the cafeteria with a larger group of guests, this is generally possible.

We ask that you contact the cafeteria management in advance with your request in the cafeteria of your choice to write. We would be happy to make you an offer for catering for your guests. Since all cafeteria offers have different prices that depend on the menu, we can only create an offer on a voucher basis. Following your event, we will then invoice the redeemed vouchers.

A voucher currently costs €11,95 per person and includes a soup or starter, lunch including side dishes, a dessert and a drink to be consumed in the cafeteria.

So that we can be well prepared for your event - after all, we have to order the appropriate additional quantity of food and adapt the duty scheduling for the cashiers, cooks and, last but not least, the dishwashers to the increased workload, we ask that you - at least three weeks in advance – contact us.

Yes, but not all of our facilities have the staff and space to be able to provide out-of-home care beyond ongoing operations.

We only provide warm lunch meals in our canteens. Breaks can therefore only be provided with sandwiches, cakes, fruit and hot and cold drinks.

Here too, we are obliged to work to cover costs. The prices for break supplies not only reflect the costs of food, but also the expenses studierendenWERKs for operations and personnel.

In order to provide services outside of regular cafeteria operations, modified rosters may have to be created and food orders must be placed in deviation from the regular procurement process.

We therefore ask you to contact us at least three weeks in advance. Please send your request exclusively by email to:

If you like the offer, the break provision will be prepared for you. However, we do not have a fleet of vehicles or drivers, so the delivery or collection must be organized by the customers themselves.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cater for your event outside of the regular cafeteria opening hours.

The personnel planning for our canteens and coffee bars is designed to ensure day-to-day operations. Night or weekend work is possible under certain conditions under the TVÖD tariff, but it usually means a lot of organizational effort for the canteens and coffee bars and an increased price for customers due to the time surcharges for our employees.

We do not offer pure tableware rental.

We only provide dishes in conjunction with catering.
So coffee including coffee cups etc.


Would you like to request break provision?

Please send an email to:

Please note that only eight canteens offer these options! You can read which ones on the left.


Do you have questions about the MensaCard? Write us!