Dorm tutor Halbauer Weg

Hi! My name is Anna,

I have been the tutor in the beautiful dorm since April 2023 Halbauer Weg. I was born in Tashkent, but feel at home in Berlin. I speak German, English and Russian fluently and also have knowledge of Uzbek and a bit of Hebrew. 

I study applied computer science at the HTW Berlin, like bouldering, cooking, listening to podcasts and being involved in student self-government.

It is important to me that our residents have the opportunity to network and spend their free time in a variety of ways. That's why I've helped organize a lot of different events in the self-government over the last few years, such as sports, dinner, game and music events, as well as gardening and film evenings. The goal of these events is to encourage diverse groups of residents to meet new people and discover common interests. I am convinced that a social environment is an important factor for the well-being of students. I am therefore looking forward to organizing further events as a tutor. 

There are various ways to stay informed about current events. For example, posters are displayed in the common areas or social media channels such as Instagram or Telegram are used.

You can either email me ( or by phone (0151 16600313). You can also find me in my office in house 19 ground floor in room 16 on Wednesdays between 18:00 p.m. and 19:00 p.m.

Anna Khalikova

Office hours:
Wednesday 18:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m
House 19, room 016
Mobile phone:
0151 16600313