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International students in Berlin

We are happy that you are studying in Berlin or would like to study here. Berlin is the city with the most international students in Germany! Starting a study abroad program requires good preparation. You can find all important information, from preparation to questions about the end of your studies, on the website of the Deutsches Studentenwerk. Here we aim to inform you about how you can make your stay in Berlin as pleasant as possible and introduce you to the services offered by the studierendenWERK BERLIN for international students.


Survey - what can we do for you?

You might know the studierendenWERK Berlin from the student residences or the canteens. But did you also know that we have a lot more to offer? We would be delighted if you could give us a feedback on your experiences and ideas for the "student life" section. This helps us to improve and expand our consultations, networking sessions and events for international students. Thank you in advance!        

You can find the survey here. 

Who we are

What is the studierendenWERK BERLIN?

The studierendenWERK BERLIN is responsible for supporting the social, economic and cultural interests of all Berlin students. In most countries, the universities are responsible for these tasks: There, each university manages its own dormitories and dining halls and takes care of the students. In Berlin (and in other cities in Germany), these tasks are the responsibility of the studierendenWERK BERLIN, which serves 170,000 students from 21 colleges and universities in Berlin.


Offers of studierendenWERK BERLIN

Photo: stW Berlin

Photo: stW Berlin

With our wide range of workshops, events and trips aimed at international students, we want to create opportunities for you to get to know other students, discover the city and get settled in.

Find out more about our offers here.

Welcome to Berlin!

Photo: stW Berlin

Photo: stW Berlin

If you are having any issues, our various departments are happy to help. 

Find out more about how we can help through our Welcome videos. 

External Offers

Photo: stW Berlin

Photo: stW Berlin

There's even more! We have collected some additional resources, helpful offers and links to external institutions offering support to international students here.