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Student gesticulates in front of a flip chart in a seminar room.

Show yourself!

Speaking more confidently in front of groups [Read more]

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Picture shows a puzzle where a puzzle piece is missing.

Study successfully with ADHD

Strategies and Techniques (2-day) [Read more]

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Clerk advises a student.

BAföG consultation hours for initial applications

Location: Franz-Mehring-Platz [Read more]

A hand stops a falling dominoes that have been lined up.

Set limits

It's all a question of practice [Read more]

Photo: Felix Noak / stW BERLIN
Three students wave and smile at the camera.

Welcome to the summer semester!

Universities are responsible for teaching and research. Take care of the rest… [Read more]

You study. We'll do the rest.

Welcome to studierendenWERK BERLIN. With our diverse range of study-related offerings, we support over 175.000 students from our partner universities every day. The universities take care of teaching and research – we take care of everything else.

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