Photo: Felix Noak / stW BERLIN
Photo show an arriving student with luggage, who is looking for orientation.

Centre for Student Refugees Berlin

Initial counseling and orientation for refugee students or prospective… [Read more]

Photo: stW BERLIN
Four young people of international origin look into the camera.

Finding and Applying for Jobs in Germany

Online self-study course (Sprache: Englisch) [Read more]

Photo: Felix Noak / stW BERLIN
picture shows students in a conversation

Buddy Program "Pobratym"

Peer-to-peer support for affected by the war in Ukraine refugees, who… [Read more]

Photo: Sandra Neumann / stW BERLIN
Photo shows students sitting next to eachother chatting nicely

Welcome to Summer semester!

Universities are responsible for teaching and research. The rest… [Read more]

Photo: Karolina Kaboompics /
Several bowls with food standing on a table and photographed from above. In one large bowl is triangular pita bread, in another bowl are olives and in a third bowl is salad. Between the large bowls are several smaller bowls containing dips.

Breaking the fast at the studierendenWERK BERLIN

On 20 April we will celebrate the end of Ramadan together - you are… [Read more]

Foto: Alexander Stein /
Bild zeigt Geld, Taschenrechner und ein Haus

200 Euro grant for students has started

Zuschuss muss online beantragt werden [Read more]

Foto: gbh007 /
Bild zeigt Döner

Kebab Tasting at TU Campus

We are giving away five tickets for students! [Read more]

Picture: Jana Judisch / stW BERLIN
Picture shows pink Easter bunnies in a mugshot

Wanted: Easter Bunnies

Reward: MensaCard worth 100 euros [Read more]

You study. We take care of the rest.

The universities take care of teaching and research - the studierendenWERK BERLIN takes care of everything else.
We are responsible for 175,000 students at 20 universities. 

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