Contact points

Institutions and contact points for international students

The general contact points and important contacts for international students include not only the German Student Union (DSW), but also the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and of course your university itself. Below you will find links that are specifically tailored to the needs of international students orientate and provide offers. 

Photo: stW BERLIN

Photo: stW BERLIN

Information on the current pandemic situation

Just arrived in Germany? Then you should find out about the current pandemic situation and see what needs to be taken into account at the moment. The largest information portal for international students has provided important information:

German Student Union (DSW)

The German Student Union is the umbrella organization for all 57 Studierendenwerke of Germany as well as an institution under public law. It is primarily responsible for promoting the social, economic and cultural needs of students. It will accompany you throughout your studies and provide you with useful information about your university and special offers for international students.

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

The German Academic Exchange Service is a joint institution of universities and student bodies within Germany. Above all, the institution focuses on maintaining its international connections. They accompany and help you with the first steps towards a student life in Germany. They offer support from enrollment to finding a part-time job.