Company ticket / Germany ticket

We offer employees an employer subsidy for a company ticket or Germany ticket job from the BVG


Im studierendenWERK BERLIN there is the possibility of purchasing a VBB company ticket AB or Deutschlandticket Job subsidized by the employer.

This has been paying since March 1.3.2021st, XNUMX studierendenWERK BERLIN, for this there is a monthly employer subsidy of 15 euros, and there is also a monthly discount from the BVG of 8 euros for the VBB company ticket or 2,45 euros for the Deutschlandticket Job.

Both tickets in comparison

VBB company ticket ABGermany ticket job
ScopeBerlin ABthroughout Germany
Transferabilitynot transferablenot transferable
Free transport
Mon-Fri from 20.00 p.m.; One adult and up to three children all day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidaysjano
A dogyes, Berlin AByes, VBB-wide
A bicyclenono
No long-term contracts without recalculation in the 1st yearnoja
stW employer subsidy15 Euros15 Euros
BVG discount8 Euros2,45 Euros
Price (Tariff status May 01.05.2023, 29, after the end of the XNUMX subscription campaign, including employer subsidy and BVG discount)Max. 43,90 euros/month31,55 euros / month