How do I apply for a place to live?

 where can I inform myself?

In the InfoCenter Living in the Hardenbergstraße 34, 10623 Berlin, you can find all information about student housing in Berlin.

What requirements do I need to apply?

To apply, you need admission or a certificate of enrollment Berlin university or college and the payment receipt for the semester fee.

How do I apply correctly from home and abroad?

You can apply online at any time via the dormitory portal. Choose 3 of your desired dormitories beforehand. You can decide this depending on the location of the university or the type of living or the price. Then simply fill out the dorm application with your personal details. Please have your admission or enrollment certificate, a valid receipt for the semester fee and your ID card or passport ready. Scan and upload these documents. The scanned documents must not exceed a size of 500 KB per document.

How do I apply for an apartment with my family?

Please also use the dormitory portal for this purpose. In the online dorm application, the fields marital status, the name of the spouse and, if applicable, the number of children field must be filled out. With this information we can then offer you suitable living space. Please note that we can only offer you a place in a dormitory if both partners are eligible to live there and are studying in Berlin. Due to the few family apartments, the waiting time extends to more than three semesters. 

How do I apply for an apartment with my girlfriend or friends?

Only one member of the future shared apartment applies first via the dormitory portal. The number of additional applicants must be stated in the dormitory application. A “cover letter for application” will then be sent by email, explaining the further procedure in detail. Note: All competitors must be eligible to live in dormitories in accordance with the guidelines for renting out dormitory spaces.

When should I apply?

If the admission or enrollment certificate is available and the semester fees have been paid.

Under what conditions does an application expire?

As long as you don't have a rental agreement, you will receive an email every 30 days asking whether you are still interested in a place to live. Answer the question with “yes”, click on the link in the email and stay on the waiting list. If you do not answer this email within 5 days, your application will expire.