Dorm activities

The special thing about living in a student hall of residence is that students from different disciplines, interests and cultural backgrounds live together. They spend their free time in the student dormitory, living, learning and partying together.

As a dorm resident, you will receive information about current events from your tutors. Talk to them during office hours and join the dorm chat groups!


Residence hall tutors

The dorm tutors are a team of international and German students who have been living in Berlin for a long time and pass on the experiences they have gained to the residents of the dorms. More information is available here.

Dorm Quiz Battle

Photo: stW Berlin

Photo: stW Berlin

Regelmäßig wird der Freiraum zum Wettkampfort der Berliner Wohnheime: Das Wohnheime-Quiz-Battle bietet spannende Fragen, Live Acts in den Pausen und natürlich Preise wie Spiele, Bälle, Discokugeln und Ausstattung im Allgemeinen für das Wohnheim! 

Anyone in a dormitory studierendenWERKIf you live in BERLIN and want to win something for the community, you can register for the Quiz Battle with a team of residents.


Volleyball Championships

Photo: stW Berlin

Photo: stW Berlin

Teams from all of the dorms compete in the dorm volleyball championships studierendenWERKs and students from different nations come together to play volleyball together or against each other.

It's about fun and sport. But of course it's also about who will win the trophy in the end. Prizes will be awarded to the first places, the best goalkeeper and the goalscorer with the most goals. In summer the championships take place outside, in winter there is an indoor football tournament.