Barrier-free housing

studierendenWERK BERLIN preferentially provides accommodations to students with disabilities and chronic illnesses to facilitate their barrier-free studies.

Information on renting a barrier-free accommodation

The admission document or certificate of enrollment of a Berlin university is a prerequisite for applying for an accomodation. The application is to be made via the online portal of our website.

If an accommodation suitable for wheelchairs is needed, we recommend that you contact the responsible student housing administration in time (first-year students should do that before the enrollment)

Please note:

  • Under “Special Needs” in the application form a selection between chronic illness, visual, hearing or walking disability is possible.
  • Please inform us about your wishes and requirements under “Hints” on the application portal.
  • Please submit a document of proof for the disability or chronic illness such as a copy of your disabled person’s pass or current medical certificates. Those documents are needed to substantiate the preference in the allocation of accommodations. You can send us the document of proof directly via the online application form under “Receipt for payment of semester fee” (if you do not need to submit the payment receipt anymore because you already have a certificate of enrollment) or subsequently by e-mail to the responsible housing administration.

After your online application the housing administration will contact you to discuss the next steps. If a suitable accommodation is available in one of the student residences selected by you, you are entitled to obtain the next free one.

If no suitable accommodation is available in the student residences selected by you, you will receive another offer.

Please note: If there is no demand for an accommodation suitable for wheelchairs, it will be temporarily rented to students without a disability for one semester. Therefore, please contact us in time (see the information under “application for an accommodation”)

The preferential allocation of accommodations only refers to the initial provision.

Students with disabilities or chronic illnesses who come to Berlin as program students are also preferred in the allocation of accommodations.

However, program students cannot apply for an accommodation with studierendenWERK BERLIN by themselves. Special regulations apply in that case. You submit a request with your specific demand to your German university or the institution taking care of you (e.g. DAAD, KAAD). The allocation of accommodations is then centrally made by the department for student housing of studierendenWERK BERLIN.

The Counselling Centre for Barrier-free Studies provides you with support and information on all questions concerning studying with a disability or chronic illness.

Here, you can also apply for inclusion support services for students such as study assistance, sign language or speech-to-text interpreters, book allowance or technical aids.

You can find the contact addresses of the Counselling Centre for Barrier-free Studies >>here