Die Freispieler

Working together to develop a play over the duration of a winter and summer semester, turn ideas into reality, immerse ourselves completely into scenes, characters and themes, and then stand together on stage in a very special location - that's what our student theater group is all about.

In addition to the production, the acting training, i. e. body and voice work, stage presence, improvisation and character study is a very important part of the rehearsals. After the winter semester, a mid-term presentation of the material takes place, and then at the end of the summer semester several performances of the play that was written based on the material will be shown.

The group is accompanied and guided by actor and director Paul Schmidt.

The rehearsals are every Monday during the semester from 6:30 PM to 9 PM in the Freiraum in the Studentenhaus. You can register for the course at the beginning of the semester. More information on registering can be found in our event calendar

Foto: Michael Schulte / stW Berlin

Foto: Michael Schulte / stW Berlin



Powerlessness in the Face of an Algorithmic Apple Pie

Impressions of the Play

Fensterwelten - a filmlet project

The filmlet project of the Freispieler theatre group grapples with the reality of the first lockdown situation during March 2020:

What does isolation do to us? What does it mean to come into confrontation with our sekves? What are we longing for? What makes this point in time special? Keyword: We're the witnesses. 

All scenes and texts were produced based on improvisational and writing exercises. Their focus was to translate internal perceptions and feelings into atmospheric and powerful images.

4 Wände

Foto: Jakob Urban / stW Berlin

Foto: Jakob Urban / stW Berlin

Online Filmlet Project by the theatre group „Die Freispieler“

12 people live in the same house. Since when? Since forever. They don't know one another. They don't know what longing feels like. Until one of them wakes up and can't fall back asleep again... 

In a number of online meetings, solo coaching and recording sessions, the Freispieler created a filmlet based on the characters of "Hotel Lichtblick", performed in February 2020. Together, they search for a poetic imagery for loneliness and the longing for connection with one's own wishes/desires and the other who is so close and yet seems to be so far.

Die Vormacher, ein Identitätsexperiment

SplitShire on Pixabay, CC0

SplitShire on Pixabay, CC0

An Online Theatre Project

Die Vormacher – ein Identitätsexperiment. 5 completely average people decide to participate in an experiment. For four weeks, they will be somebody completely different. They will dress differently, speak differently, do things differently. They will shed all of their habits and put on the skin of another person. They will track this process on camera. At the centre is the question: do I determine who I am? Do I create my self and my reality or am I the result and plaything of the circumstances of my live? Can you change completely, from one moment to the next?

This question (or scenic frame work) is the starting point for the course on scenic writing and character development. The participants learn how to create characters and solo scenes in solo coaching sessions, online group meetings, acting and movie tutorials. Each participants spent the semester creating 2-3 characters and received individual assistance in the process of finding their role as well as in scenic writing and acting in front of the camera. 

The results have been woven into a story in two short films.