Our locations

As Kulturwerk Berlin we have several locations in Berlin that offer space for your creativity and where you can regularly visit events and exhibitions.



Hardenbergstr. 35, 10623 Berlin
(U/S Zoologischer Garten / U Ernst-Reuter-Platz)

With a size of 475 square meters, its own stage and equipped with technology, the Freiraum is available to Berlin students as a place of diversity and exchange. Within the semester, the Freiraum hosts weekly events, such as plays, concerts and drawing classes, which are open to all students.

  • Applicants must be enrolled at a Berlin university for whose students the studierendenWERK BERLIN offers services. The project teams should consist of at least 80% students enrolled at these universities. The room is otherwise not open to any other private organizers, providers, etc., including those from the university environment.
  • The room is also not available for rent. The room can only be provided free of charge and only within the framework of the rules defined above. Incidental costs (GEMA, technicians, etc.) are generally not covered by the Culture & International Affairs department.
  • Projects with a commercial background or an intention to make a profit cannot be supported.
  • During the week, the Freiraum is only available for events on Thursdays. Events must end at 10 pm.
  • You should contact us about 6 months before the event, because the Freiraum is booked up very quickly.
  • Due to the operating license and for economic and personnel reasons, the Freiraum remains closed on weekends or only in exceptional cases events of the Office of Culture & International Affairs take place.
  • Before you fill out the application, please read the "Giving over the Freiraum" (in the same document). After you have submitted an application, it will be reviewed internally and you will receive a response within 3 weeks.

In order to get the free space, you must first submit an application and fill out a financing plan.

You can find the application and financing plan here:

The following requirements, among others, must be met in order to prepare the application:

The free space is primarily available to conduct offerings with and for students of our partner universities. You can find a list of these universities here. 

Art spaces

The KUNSTRAUM program offers new spaces at various studierendenWERK BERLIN locations throughout the city. Students can express themselves artistically - with exhibitions, installations, performances and media works. 


KUNSTRAUM Potsdamer Straße

Address: Potsdamer Str. 61/63, 10785 Berlin

The Kunstraum Potsdamer Straße consists of an approx. 260 sqm gallery and two parking decks totaling approx. 1800 sqm in the underground parking garage. This location with its special rooms is our largest KUNSTRAUM, where we realize group exhibitions and actions as well as selected individual presentations in the period from April to September each year. The KR Potsdamer Straße is located in the middle of the lively gallery district Potsdamer Straße.

In the Mensa Veggie 2.0, in the Schinkelsaal of the HU Mensa Nord, as well as in the BAföG office, there are attractive art spaces that are used for various exhibitions throughout the year.

Due to the high number of visitors to these locations, these spaces offer a very attractive platform for the artists exhibiting there.

Literature spaces

We have several literary venues for our readings. Most often, however, students read their texts in the cafeteria c.t. - a very special cafeteria. 


Cafeteria c.t. 

Address: Humboldt Universität, Entrance corner Universitäts/Dorotheenstr. 

TheCoffeebar c.t.is the ideal place for literary events in winter. For those interested in literature, the Kaminzimmer with its warm atmosphere and large wing chairs offers the perfect refuge from the gray of the big city during the winter semester.