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Tips for the exam

Easily and efficiently minimize exam anxiety

The semester is coming to an end or the semester break has already begun, then it's time for the final spurt.

This is the time when exams for modules are due and approaching.
Just the thought of the exam creates stress for some students - because the knowledge for the exam is not yet available.
Some respond by studying more intensively, while others push the issue away.

What helps you in this situation?

1st Tip:

Plan your study schedule. Plan the time backwards from the exam date and distribute the learning material over possible learning times.

2nd Tip:

Practice what is required for your exam - that is, for written exams: Write practice exams of the usual length e.g. a 90 minute exam in 90 minutes without checking to see if the results are correct.

3rd Tip:

When working on old exams, think about how you can ask new questions.

4th Tip:

For oral exams: Practice speaking the subject matter while you are learning it and especially the technical terms so that they are more present on the exam.

5th Tip:

Think of questions yourself - simple questions and tricky questions and answer them.

6th Tip:

Try to explain facts from time to time. When you explain, you pay attention to the important things.

Good luck in studying and in the exams!

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