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Group offers of our psychotherapeutic counseling

We have different group offers. In the following overview you can inform yourself comprehensively.

Please note!

Participation in all groups is only possible after a preliminary interview.

Groups starting soon

How do our group therapies work?

Generally in the programme - addition to waiting list possible

These groups are always on our programme, so if you are interested and want to be part of the next start, get on the waiting list.
Please indicate the name of the group in the subject line.

You are always busy, distract yourself and reach for your mobile phone when you have to wait five minutes for the bus? But you can't meditate because your "thoughts are always wandering" and you're "too clumsy" for yoga?
If you find it hard to relax and be in the moment as soon as there is silence around you, this is the group for you.
This group includes yoga elements for which you need no previous experience, but curiosity to try yoga.

E-Mail: s.schreiber@stw.berlin 

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