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Group offers of our psychotherapeutic counseling

We have different group offers. In the following overview you can inform yourself comprehensively.

Please note!

Participation in all groups is only possible after a preliminary interview.

Groups starting soon

Were you looking forward to studying in Germany but now you find yourself feeling lonely, because your friends and family are far away?

Do you feel sad, because it is really hard to get to know other people in times of lockdowns and online courses?
Do you feel different or less worthy because everybody speaks another language, that you are still learning?
Are you tired, because your peers seem to be better prepared for studying than you are and you have to work even harder?

If you are saying yes to one or more of those questions than maybe you could use emotional support.

Join the empowerment group for international students where you can meet people in a similar situation and connect on a more meaningful level.

We follow a resource oriented approach: Together, you can support each other and celebrate your strengths and uniqueness, remember the obstacles you have already overcome and the skills you have learned from that.

Bring your concerns, questions, open minds and warm hearts!

We provide a positive support in a NON-JUDGMENTAL setting where each member has a chance to discuss, share and connect.

Direction: M. Sc.-Psych Sarah Matthiess

Language: English

Max. participants: 8

tuesdays, 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. (8 sessions) 
anticipated start: 06.12.

studierendenWERK BERLIN
Psychologisch-Psychotherapeutische Beratungsstelle
Group room
Franz-Mehring-Platz 2-3, 2nd floor
10243 Berlin

Participation condition:
Preliminary interview

Registration for preliminary interview:
E-Mail: s.matthiess@stw.berlin
(please include your telephone number)

Generally in the programme - addition to waiting list possible

This group has already started, but it will be offered regularly.
You are welcome to join the waiting list for this group.

Please contact s.schreiber@stw.berlin by email if you are interested. Mrs Schreiber will then get in touch with you.

You're always busy, distracting yourself and reaching for your phone when you are waiting for the bus for five minutes?
But you're "too clumsy" for yoga, and you can't meditate because your "mind is always wandering." 
Join this group if you find it hard to relax and be in the moment once there is silence around you.

Especially during the pandemic with endless hours in homeoffice and social isolation, people, including students, were thrown back upon themselves.

This group is for you, if you are curious to find out: 

  • What thoughts and feelings come up when I pause, tune in?
  • How do I deal with them and can they be given space?
  • How do I feel when I express them to others?

This group includes yoga elements, for which you don't need any previous experience but openness to try.

M.A.-Psych. Stella Schreiber

Language: English

Max. participants: 8

Wednesdays, 14.30 - 16.30 pm, 8 dates 
Start: 31.08.

studierendenWERK BERLIN
Psychologisch-Psychotherapeutische Beratungsstelle
Hardenbergstr. 34
Verwaltungsgebäude Erdgeschoss
10623 Berlin

Participation condition:
Preliminary interview

Registration for preliminary interview:
E-Mail: s.schreiber@stw.berlin 
(Please indicate telephone number for callback)

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