Who comes to us?

You are not sure whether you are in the right place with your problem? Here you can find examples of students, why they came to us and how the conversation helped them.

Kim*, 21 years old:

"Recently I have become very private and have developed a real fear of others.
I found out about psychotherapeutic counseling through the Internet.
My therapist made me feel comfortable from the beginning.
This allowed me to talk about my insecurities regarding my sexual identity and orientation for the first time.
Currently, I am considering contacting a trans*-specific counseling center.
I realize that there is a long road ahead of me, but at the moment I am less afraid."

Lina*, 27 years old:

"My father passed away from cancer. I did a little less in my studies, but that's okay, it just keeps going.
But I felt so alone with my feelings, even though I have really good friends and a partnership. I didn't know where to put myself at some moments: go out or be alone? To be spoken to or not? In the conversations with the therapist from PBS, I was able to understand myself and my feelings better."

Meng*, 20 years old:

"I always had good achievements. Now my boyfriend has broken up with me and I've fallen into a deep hole. I can't get myself together, I'm tired and sad. Everyone tells me to forget about him. But I can hardly concentrate and I'm afraid I won't be able to finish my studies.
With the therapist at the psychological counselling centre, I was able to get my day a better structure and a new perspective on my situation, which was very good."

Tom*, 26 years old:

"My parents didn't study. They don't understand what I do. For them, I don't really fit in anymore. Unfortunately, they can't help me with my problems. They don't know what it's like to write a term paper. The university challenges me and I have to work all the time. Many of the people I started with are already finished with their studies. I ask myself whether I belong at the university at all. Continue, change or quit? My psychotherapist at the counselling centre accompanies me in my decision-making process."

*The names were changed by us.