Residence Tutor Mollwitzstraße

Dear students,

I am Özge, I am doing my doctorate at the Freie Universität Berlin and I am a tutor in the Mollwitzstraße dormitory.

I come from Turkey and have been living in Germany for many years. I also did my master's degree at the Technical University of Berlin.

I speak Turkish, German and English and I am open to any questions you may have, whether you want to know about the new events or have general questions about living & studying in Berlin/dormitory. I want you to know that I am definitely open to all kinds of suggestions and ideas. I love learning about new cultures, organizing meetups and exploring cultural events in Berlin and the surrounding area. I see the coexistence of so many different cultures as an opportunity and would love to organize cultural integration events. I am also open to any suggestions for activities in this area.

As I am someone who likes to help and have experience with the challenges of living abroad, I would be happy to support you in our student residence, where students from many different countries and cultures live together. Feel free to write me an e-mail or come to my office hours. The office is located downstairs in House 3 next to the washing machine room.

For more information, check out our Facebook group:

If you want to join our dorm WhatsApp group(s), contact me via your favourite method. We also have additional food sharing, jogging and online gaming WhatsApp groups for our housemates.


Özge Kiliç

Consultation hour:
Sunday, 8-9pm
Mollwitzstraße 3, UG
Mobile number:
0151 16 60 02 27