Residence Tutor Mollwitzstraße

Dear students,
I'm Abdullah, I study mechanical engineering at TU Berlin and I've been the tutor of the Mollwitzstrasse dormitory since November 2021.

I was born in Aleppo and grew up in Syria and partly in Oman, I have been living in Germany since 2015. What I have enjoyed about my international stays is the cultural diversity I have been able to experience. It is this cultural diversity that I particularly enjoy in our beautiful dormitory, as the residents come from different countries and everyone brings something to learn/discover!

Besides my studies, I work in a touristy location; it’s the Mauer Panorama at Checkpoint Charlie. If you've never been there, you should talk to me and I can give you really cheap tickets. Now you should come to my office hours.

I like all kinds of sports, football, basketball, swimming, table tennis etc. and plan to organise some events in this context. If the weather doesn't allow it, we can also do something cosy; like a game night or a yoga session! Of course, the parties must not be missing even with the hygienic measures 😉.

I speak German, English, Arabic and a bit of French and I am open to any of the questions you might have, whether you want to know about new events or have general questions regarding life & studies in Berlin/dormitory.

Feel free to email me or come to my office hours . The office is located in house 3 downstairs next to the laundry room. I can also be reached at +4915116600227 via WhatsApp (on weekends).

For more information, check out our Facebook group:

If you want to be added to our dorm WhatsApp group(s), contact me via your favourite method. We also have additional food sharing, jogging and online gaming WhatsApp groups for our housemates.


Abdullah Elturkmani

Consultation hour:
Sunday 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Mollwitzstraße 3, UG
Mobile number:
0151 16 60 02 27