Events in the resident halls

Special about living in the resident halls is the fact that students from different courses, different cultural backgrounds and with different interests all live together. They all spend their free time together in the halls; living, learning and celebrating. 

Your residence hall's tutors can tell you more about up-coming events. Just talk to them during their office hours or text them through your hall's groupchat. 


The residence hall tutors are a team of international and German students, who've been living in Berlin for a while and who can therefore share some of their experience with the residents. You can find out more here. 


Foto: stW Berlin

Foto: stW Berlin

The Freiraum regularly hosts trivia battles between the different resident halls. They offer up a night of fascinating questions, lots of fun and of course lots of cool prices. You can win board games, disco balls and more things for your residence hall.

If you are a resident of one of the residence halls, you can sign up with a team of your roommates.


Foto: stW Berlin

Foto: stW Berlin

At our residence hall volleyball tournament, teams from all of the different halls meet up and challenge each other.

It's all about having fun and being active. But almost just as important is the question as to who wins the throphy in the end. We also award the best goalie and the best shot. 

The tournament is held outside in the summer and in the winter we host a football tournament inside.