Voguing developed as a part of the ballroom subculture, among queer people of colour in New York. But it is so much more than a way of dancing: it is a way of finding and expressing yourself and your community.

Voguing began to disappear from the cultural mainstream during the 1990s but it's been experiencing a renaissance during the last couple of yours. And that's no surprise! Not only is it fun, it also helps build confidence and control of one's own body. An integral part of voguing are the 'balls' where members of the different houses, communities that resemble families, compete with each other in different catgeories. Attitude, the best moves and outfits are just as central as acknowledging, respecting and empowering one another.

In our courses, students can learn and consolidate the basics of the most important voguing elements like Runway, Catwalk, Hands and Face. Rehearsals usually take place every Tuesday during the semester from 6.30 to 9 pm in the Freiraum at Hardenbergstraße. Registration is at the beginning of the semester through the event calendar. Once a semester, we also offer an open voguing session that resembles the structure of a voguing ball or kiki function and offers students the opportunity to walk in the different categories. 

Our voguing courses are lead by activists from the Berlin ballroom scene: Christopher Saint Laurent and Victoria Markiewicz aka LaToria Arise.

Curious? Then come on, Vogue! 

Impressions from the 2020 Voguing Sessions

Impressions from the 2019 Voguing Sessions