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Dear students,

Studying places many demands on all areas of daily life. Not everything always runs smoothly. Even if many challenges are mastered by the students themselves, there can still be disruptions that awaken the need for professional advice.

At the moment there are additional changes and burdens caused by the coronavirus pandemic: online studies, limited earning opportunities, health-related fears and reduced contact and leisure activities.

We offer individual counselling and couples therapy and offer helpful workshops and groups, which you can find at the bottom of this page.

Please make an appointment for a confidential consultation.

We provide advice by phone, video and in person.

Our consulting services

We help to find solutions for study-specific topics, such as:

  • speech and examination anxieties
  • Procrastination / writer's block
  • Concentration disorders
  • Self-organisation

In the same way, we also provide support in personal conflict situations, such as:

  • self-esteem problems, anxiety states, depressive moods
  • contact and relationship difficulties (social isolation, problems with friends, roommates)
  • partnership conflicts, processing of separations, partnerlessness, sexual difficulties
  • current crisis situations (e.g. loss of a significant person, suicidal thoughts, experiences with sexual or violent assaults)
  • stressful family situation (e.g. illness and loss of one parent, separation of parents, problems with siblings, family constellations)
  • psychosomatic complaints, eating disorders
  • difficult social situation (compatibility of studies and job etc.)
  • specific problems of international students
  • addiction problems (media addiction, alcohol, drugs)
  • pregnancy conflict counselling


Confidential appointments can be made via our secretary's office Mon-Thu 9 am to 15 pm and Fri 9 am to 13 pm or via email.

Location Charlottenburg, Hardenbergstraße 35
Phone: +49 (0)30 93939 8401

Location Friedrichshain, Franz-Mehring-Platz 2-3
Phone: +49 (0)30 93939 8438

Or via email at:

If, due to high demand, it is no longer possible to offer timely appointments, we will assign new appointments weekly, starting on Mondays.


The Berliner Krisendienst is available at all times at +49(0)30 390 63 00.



Group offers

Group offers

Click here for the current overview.

Helpful psychological information

Pregnancy conflict counselling

We offer appointments for pregnancy conflict counselling according to §219. The Psychological-Psychotherapeutic Counseling Center of studierenWERK BERLIN is a recognized office with several specially trained counselors.

The counselling interview is free of charge and confidential. A visit to the doctor to establish pregnancy is not a necessary condition for a counselling appointment. If you wish, you can bring your partner or other persons to the consultation. Several appointments are also possible.

When making an appointment, please point out that you would like a pregnancy conflict counselling.