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All you can eat!

PHOTO CLUB PHOTO - 8 students from the Architecture course at TU Berlin exhibit.

Welcome to our first photo exhibition "All You Can Eat" in the Schinkelsaal of the HU Mensa Nord! We are the Foto Club Foto, which emerged from a seminar by the photographer Zara Pfeiffer and is now dedicated to the everyday aspects of our lives by trying to capture a wide variety of moments.

Due to the venue, we decided to select a collection of photographs dedicated to the theme of food. From everyday situations to strange moments, from fields to snack huts - the exhibition highlights the diversity of our eating habits and criticizes excessive consumption and the globalization of the food market. While small shops with regional selections and seasonal products are pushed back, more and more food ends up on plates that are mass-produced all year round. The title "All You Can Eat" questions the constant excessive consumption and appeals for a more conscious diet. Immerse yourself in our blurry, clear collection and reflect with us about food, consumption and the appreciation of simplicity.

Enjoy your meal!


02.02.2024 up to 20.12.2024

Time of day

08:00 a.m. to 14:30 p.m


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  • exhibition
  • Art space

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Kulturwerk Berlin


ART SPACE Schinkelsaal (Mensa HU Nord)
Hannoversche Straße 7
10115 Berlin / Germany