Residence Tutors

A team of German and non-German students who have been living in Berlin for some time and can pass on their experiences to the residents of the student accommodations

Welcome to Berlin! We are the dormitory tutors and we help students who are new to the city or country with anything regarding student life, bureaucracy, and day-to-day activities.

Here is a short overview of inquiries we can help you with:

  • General questions about living in the dormitory
  • General questions about the offers of studierendenWERK Berlin
  • Support when settling in the dormitory
  • Registering/deregistering an apartment at the citizens registration office
  • Opening/closing a bank account
  • Registering for the mandatory TV & radio license fee

But we are not here only for these purposes. We also organise various events for you, throw parties, brunch and dinners, so that you can meet new people and make friends. We do our best to show you what Berlin has to offer - and it’s a lot! :)

How to reach us? We offer a lot of possibilities. We have office hours where you can talk to us personally. You can also send us an email or message us on Facebook. Or give us a call. 

Also, every dormitory has a group on Facebook that you can join once you move in. There you can get in contact with other students, ask questions, or simply buy some furniture from them.

Also check out our blog! There we write about common topics in relation to life in general in the dormitories, which we find relevant and interesting, as well as topics that might be important and intriguing for you!

Attention: Unfortunately, we cannot do anything to speed up the application process for a place in a dormitory. We are also not responsible for the distribution of rooms in our dormitories. Please contact the InfoCenter Wohnen for information for such matters.

Tutor programme in the dormitories

Many dormitories in Berlin have a tutor. For this video, we invited the tutor Boris to tell us what their responsibilities are, how they can help students who live in their dormitory, and how their work has been affected by recent events.