Welcome & Celebrate Berlin

With the events "Welcome to Berlin" and "Celebrate Berlin" we want to welcome all newly arrived students to the city each semester. 


In the summer we organise "Celebrate Berlin". A true celebration of Berlin and its diversity. At the beginning of the Wintersemester we put on "Welcome to Berlin".

At both of these Mini-Berlin-festivals, that both only last one night, we want to showcase the many cultural facets that make up the city. We want to 

Everything from street art, literature, fashion and music to performance, film and dance is represented and, of course, food! Included in the entry price is fingerfood. 

Come by the celebrations, let yourself be aww-ed by the many acts and performances and meet some new people at the same time! If youŕe interested in performing yourself, you can contact us at kultur@stw.berlin 

You can find the specific dates for both events in our event calendar.

Foto: S. Wedemeyer / stWB

Foto: S. Wedemeyer / stWB