Spontaneity, imagination, creativity, interaction with the audience, unscripted and unplanned teamwork: this is improvisational theater. Still, there are some rules to the game.

We offer three improv classes which all last a semester. Two of the courses are German language courses, one is in English. At the end of the semester, the participants show their skills in an improv show. Suspense-packed, funny, philosophical, absurd or simply fantastical: the actors and actresses transform the audience's inspiration into unique scenes, the evening can go into any direction. After all, what is life if not improvised? 

All information on how to participate in our improv classes and the current deadlines can be found in the event calendar.

Improv Classes:

The course focuses on the basics of improvisation: defining (who, where, what), accepting (picking up ideas, acting situations and characters out), acting and reacting instead of thinking and analysing. Furthermore we will consider the following basics of acting: stage presence, cooperative play, body awareness, pantomime, reactivity and concentration. Rehearsals are every Tuesday during the semester from 4 pm to 6 pm in the Freiraum in the Studentenhaus. You can register for the course at the beginning of the semester.

Open Stage

The stage is open for all students with improvisation talent. Whether tense, dramatic, philosophical, fantastic, absurd or funny: the actors and actresses transform the audience's inspiration into scenes that have never been seen before. No one has to go on stage, everyone is allowed to. Because after all, life is only improvised, right?

Foto: Pasit Zhou / stW Berlin

Foto: Pasit Zhou / stW Berlin