Residence Tutors Goerzallee

Hello people,

My name is Wiktoria Grasza and I am your tutor in the Goerzallee dormitory. I am from Poland and I can speak German, English and Polish. I study Chemistry at the Free University of Berlin, if you have any questions about the university and studying at the FU, I will be glad to help you as much as I can.

In my free time I meet friends, watch movies, read books or go for walks. I would like to organize a karaoke contest as one of the events in our dorm, and I need you as participants! So follow our Facebook group: "Wohnheim Goerzallee" or join the WhatsApp group to be always informed about our events! 😊

P.S.If you want to chat about any problems or need support, you are welcome to come and see me during office hours!

Wiktoria Grasza

Consultation Hours
7 - 8 PM
and by arrangement
Goerzallee 119, EG, opposite to janitor office
Mobile Phone:
0151 16 60 03 15

Hello people!

I am Farid, 26 years old, I study electrical engineering at the TU Berlin and since 01.10.2022 I am dorm tutor at WH Goerzallee. I come from Iran and speak German, English, Arabic and Persian. In my free time I like to take care of my plants, try to keep fit and talk with my friends while we listen to techno.

As a tutor, I am here to support you in your dorm life.

In our dorm we like to organize different events (museum visits, parties, board game nights, various gardening activities together and more) so you can get to know each other better and not only live together, but also live together.

So you can reach me via WhatsApp, Telegram, email, Facebook, Instagram and of course you can just drop by our office.


Farid Ghayedi

Consultation Hours
6 - 7 PM
and by arrangement
Goerzallee 119, EG, opposite to janitor office