Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak

Are you looking for an affordable room or apartment for your study stay in Berlin? At studierendenWERK BERLIN, we are certain to have the right thing for you. To begin with, take a look at our overview of the student residencies we offer. You can then apply. We only accept applications via the website! 

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InfoCenter studi@home

Our service offer for students looking for a flat:

Are you looking for a room or a flat?

Our InfoCenter Wohnen is at your disposal for all inquiries concerning housing. Or do you already live in one of our dorms and have questions about your contract?

You can reach us Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 5 pm.

On Fridays we are there for you from 10 am to 3 pm.

Call us under  +49 30 93939 - 8990

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your team InfoCenter Wohnen
Hardenbergstraße 34
Mensa Foyer
10623 Berlin

Links leads to website for information on the housing application
Foto: Felix Noak

What to consider when applying for a room at studierendenWERK

When moving to Berlin, there are some important things to know...
Dormitory Mollwitzstraße
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Quarantine regulations in our residence halls

What to do if COVID19 appears in the residence hall?
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Online Portal

Housing Portal

Living Elsewhere

Living Elsewhere

Here you will find offers of other apartment providers in Berlin.

Apartment owner can also hire their own living space in our Wohnraumbörse Berlin.

Look here for apartments and shared rooms in Berlin and just outside.

Offer here your living space. No matter if it is a short-term rent or for a longer period. The students will thank you.

You can find an overview of the offers of Berlin’s housebuilding companies at:

Students from universities in Berlin, Potsdam and at Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences are offered furnished places to live, close to the universities, at the Student Villages in Schlachtensee and Adlershof.

There are currently free rooms in the student village Schlachtensee and Adlershof.

Here, we offer you – outside the legal and content-related responsibilities of studierendenWERK BERLIN – the option of clicking through offers from various other websites with property listings.

These offers are aimed especially at students who are looking for suitable places to live in and outside of Berlin.
the urban Club

House of Nation

Immobilienscout 24

Websites on which you can offer and book accommodation across Europe and the world.

We are grateful for tips and advice on other interesting locations. Please let us know.

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Emergency service

Emergency service: blockage, heating, sanitary, electric facilities and locking system outside the working hours of our janitors
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Program students

For the promotion of scholarships/exchange programmes, the studierendenWERK BERLIN has a procedure in place for the preferential allocation of housing for foreign students.
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Your first own flat

Here are the top nine questions and answers about your first flat, compiled for you in cooperation with the Berliner Mieterverein.

Residence Tutors

A team of German and non-German students who have been living in Berlin for some time and can pass on their experiences to the residents of the student accommodations
Barrierfree housing
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Barrier-free housing

studierendenWERK BERLIN preferentially provides accommodations to students with disabilities and chronic illnesses to facilitate their barrier-free studies.
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Sustainability is an integral part of the internal management process at studierendenWERK BERLIN. Other departments are gradually being included.


Frequently Asked Questions towards Housing

Where can I get advice?

At the InfoCenter studi@home at Hardenbergstraße 34, 10623 Berlin, you will get all information about student housing in Berlin.

What am I required to have for my application?

Notice of admission or an enrollment certificate from a Berlin university and the proof of payment of semester contributions.

How do I apply properly, from both inside and outside of Germany?

You can apply online at any time via the online housing portal. Select 3 desired residence halls beforehand. You can decide depending on the distance to the university, the type of accommodation or the price you would like to pay. Then, simply fill out the application form with your personal data. Please have your admission or enrollment certificate, the valid receipt for the semester fee and your identity card or passport ready. Please scan these documents and upload them. The scanned documents must not exceed 500KB per document.

Please check here our Tutorial.

How do I apply for a flat with my family?

Again, please use the online portal. In the online application, it is imperative to enter information about your civil status, the name of your spouse and, if necessary, the number children you have. With this information, we can offer you a suitable living space. Please note that we can only offer you a place in a hall of residence if both partners are entitled to live in our residence halls and study in Berlin. Due to the small number of family apartments, the waiting period is extended to more than three semesters.

How do I apply for a flat with a friend/with friends?

Initially, only one member of the future shared residence applies via the online portal. The number of additional co-applicants must be indicated on the application form. An “application cover letter” will then be sent by email. This is where the full procedure will be explained in detail. Note: all co-applicants must have residency entitlement according to the guidelines for rental of student housing.

When should I apply?

As soon as the notice of admission or enrolment certificate is available and the semester fees have been paid.

Under which conditions does an application expire?

As long as you do not have a rental contract, you will receive an email asking if you are still interested in a place of residence every 90 days. If you answer the question with “yes”, please click the link and remain on the waiting list. If you do not reply within 7 days, your application will expire.


You applied to us for a place in a student residence hall? Then you have received your access details for the housing portal with your confirmation of application. Now log in with your e-mail address and password. In exceptional cases it can take up to two days before you receive your password. Please be patient.

Your application was successful and you already live in one of our residence halls?

You can use this portal for: 

  • Sending us messages with modification requests regarding your application
  • Uploading your certificate of enrolment or other documents
  • Requesting documents
  • Seeing your contract
  • Cancelling or renewing your contract
  • Applying for a removal
  • Sending damage reports

I cannot log in. Why?

Make sure that you have written your email address the same way it was written on the application. Check your password entry.

You have applied for three student residencies, but now you would like to modify something?

That is no problem at all. You can make changes to your application at any time without affecting the waiting period. Simply log in to your online portal. You have received the access details with the confirmation of your application from us. Then write us via the notification function which contents you would like to modify. Do you want to choose other student residencies, would you like to inform us of a different move-in date or would you like to change your preferred dwelling type? We will then make the modifications for you.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes. This amounts to 1.5 times the monthly rent.


How long am I bound to the rental agreement?

In compliance with the contract type, the minimum period of residence is three months.

Are there short-term rentals (days/weeks)?



We'll try to let you know four to six weeks before you move in. Unfortunately, this does not always work out and we contact you at short notice (e.g. if other applicants drop out). If you have a period of notice or something similar, let us know via the dormitory portal so that we can make an offer.

Are there rooms or apartments for students with children?

Yes, in some residential complexes, places are available for students with children. The student hall of residence Fraunhoferstraße is specifically designed to meet the needs of students with children.

Are there special childcare facilities for students with children?

Yes, studierendenWERK BERLIN has several day care centers close to the universities.

Can I sublet my room or apartment? 

Yes, in the case of a semester abroad or an internship. You will need the permission of your local halls of residence administration. Find the subtenant who suits you. Please note that the subtenant has to be eligible for studierendenWERK’s housing. A subtenancy agreement is concluded between the tenant and the subtenant, but the rent remains the same; you may demand a deposit from the subtenant. In any case, you remain the main tenant with all rights and obligations. Subletting is valid for a maximum of one semester.

Can I bring my pet with me?

No, having pets is prohibited according to the General Rental Terms and Conditions.


If you have any questions or problems, please contact the internet provider directly at 0800 550 555 702. Alternatively, you can also send your request by email to or send a private message on Facebook @cloudcast.hotzone.

Do I have to pay second-home tax?

Yes, according to the regulations of the State of Berlin.

What regulations apply regarding the Rundfunkbeitrag (called GEZ up until 2013) for students in the student residencies?

The Rundfunkbeitrag – contributions to German broadcast media – must be paid by the resident, i.e. every adult who actually lives there. Because delimitation problems are “pre-programmed”, all tenants who have a valid rental contract and are registered at the residence are counted as being occupants of the residency. More information can be found here.


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Who has a residence entitlement?

Only students of state universities of the State of Berlin as well as students of state-recognised private universities in the State of Berlin who pay contributions to the studierendenWERK BERLIN, has residence eligibility.

Tenants are obliged to prove the continuation of their residence eligibility – without being asked to do so – by 15 April and 15 October of each year. They must do this by submitting a semester certificate valid for the current course of studies.
The proof can be provided online via our housing portal.

You can top up your MensaCard at our Mensa Foodtrucks. You can find the route plan here.

An overview of all open locations where you can recharge your MensaCard can be found here.

We've also compiled a list of other launderettes located near the respective halls of residence.

Insurances: Which do we recommend? 

We recommend to get a personal liability insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung) and a household content insurance (Hausratsversicherung).

Basically, a personal liability insurance covers costs for damages that an insurance holder caused to the property of others. Wheras, a household content insurance comes into play, when accidents with water, faulty circuits or fire occur in your apartment or if your appartment gets broken into. Your insurance company will then cover the costs for possible damages to your furniture and other househould items. Terms and conditions of insurance companies apply and we advise to read them with caution. Please, do also make sure beforehand if you might be insured through your parents insurance plans. 




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