TURN IT OFF – Save water

Save climate - and your rent. Water is a valuable commodity

Water is a valuable commodity

  • A long shower is nice, but expensive.
  • Running water while brushing your teeth wastes about 15–20 liters per minute.
  • The short flush of the toilet can help to save a third of the daily used water.
  • Even if there are only small quantities, washing dishes in the sink filled with some water is better than under running water.

Doing the laundry

  • It is more reasonable to fully load the washing machine since it uses the same amount of water and electricity as it needs for a half load.
  • Choose the right temperature to save energy effectively. 30–40°C are often enough; you will probably never need more than 60°C.
  • The energy consumption can be reduced by skipping the prewash program.

...and another tip: Economize on the detergent and avoid softener.