Dear parents,

the daycare centres of the studierendenWERK are in regular operation under pandemic conditions. In the current letter to parents (25 November 2021) of the state of Berlin you will find information about regulations at events, quarantines and acclimatizations (in German).

Here you will find etters to parents on the subject of at-risk children and children's sickness benefit.

Templates: Self-declaration of self-test results, sample certificate for child sickness benefit

Please remember that masks are still required: Medical or FFP2 masks must be worn on the premises, and FFP2 masks must always be worn inside the buliding.


Close to the University
Spacious, close-to-nature outdoor areas, well-equipped rooms, each with a very unique educational profile: studierendenWERK BERLIN’s seven day care centers are attractive living and learning environments for children from those aged 0 to those about to start school.


Kita at the UdK und TU Berlin

Welcome to the day care center at UdK (Universität der Künste/University of the Arts) and TU (Technische Universität/Technical University Berlin)! Up to 60 children from the ages of eight weeks up to school entrance visit our day care center. We have 24 small children in nursery care and 36 children attending the primary care from 3 years onwards.

Our day care center at a glance

We work on the basis of the Berlin Education Program ("Berliner Bildungsprogramm") and enable children to receive a holistic education with a broad focus on art and aesthetics. In our day care center, different aspects of aesthetic experiences - painting, drawing, pottery, constructing, inventing, dancing, and singing - have found a permanent space. Every child receives support from a confidental caregiver at all times. The day care center also has stimulating rooms and materials. The nursery area and the elementary area each have a children's art studio.

"Small House"

At the "Small House", our room concept creates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and provides room for 24 kids from 8 weeks to approximately 2,5 years.

Open space for experimental, self-determined learning – the children will find stimulating corners for their first steps into independence as well as sheltered, accessible spaces that provide them with security and freedom. At the “Small House” we have an art studio next to the sheltered play areas.

Individual, integral support – we accompany and support each individual child in their development, based on their needs, tendencies, and developmental necessities. For that reason, we value the close and open collaboration with the parents and other attachment figures from the start.

We prepare the transition into the open space of the “Big House” together with the parents. It happens between 2.5 and three years, always depending on the individual developmental stage of the child.

"Big House"

In the Big House, approximately 36 children between the ages of 2.5 years up to school entry spend common play and learning time.

Creating explorative spaces – The open room design enables the children to play and learn independently. Apart from specifically designed areas and quiet spaces for retreating, there is a large art studio which invites to explore, experiment and being creative.

Outdoor Space

The children love our outdoor space. It is located far away from the street in quiet surroundings and provides the children with nature. Trees, hedges, and bushes, but also hill elements, slides and tubes encourage the children to move around and to play. They also have a stage for role plays there. During the summer months, the children love to play with the water pump.


With our activities, such as walks through the Tiergarten and the surrounding area as well as the use of Berlin’s cultural offers, we excite the children regularly and expand their experiences. The forest days from March to October are particularly important to us.

Festivals and Celebrations

In the course of a day care year, we have many opportunities to celebrate. Feasts are important to us because they offer us a break in our everyday routines, are fun and leave us with beautiful memories. For our preschool children there is an annual children's festival in the "Freiraum" - the event hall of the culture department of studierendenWERK.

Summer Festival

Our summer party is one of the highlights of the day care year. Every year, many families take part in the preparations. With music and theatre, the festival gives parents the opportunity to exchange ideas in our garden during the cosy get-together.

Since September 2019, this daycare center is a partner of TUKI (German Theater & Kita). TUKI is a partnership program between daycare centers and theatres, which has set itself the task of strengthening early childhood cultural education in Berlin in the long term. More information can be found here

Closing times 2021

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Siegmunds Hof 17 A
10555 Berlin (Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district)
030 93939 - 8480
Opening hours:
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, 07:30 AM - 17:00 PM,
Thu, 07:30 AM - 16:30 PM

Administration’s office hours:
subject to agreement by telephone Kindergarten management:
Susanne Rinck Deputy kindergarten management:
Evelyn Schmusch
TUB: 0,9 km
UdK: 1,4 km


Organisational questions

Organisational questions

Your child is already born? Are you a student or an employee at one of our partner universities? Then you can reserve your child for a place in one of our day care centers.Please use the online form. Registration and the agreement of the contract are done in the facility in question. In the day care centers reservation lists for the children are used for the allocation of places.

Our day care centre at the Berliner Hochschule für Technik has free capacity.

To complete the contract, you need a Kita-Gutschein (kita voucher). This will be provided by the Jugendamt (Youth Welfare Office) in your district on presentation of your child’s birth certificate and proof of your work and income. You can also apply for the kita voucher online. For students, it is sufficient to provide a certificates of enrolment to be able to make a claim for full-day daycare, because studying counts as a full-time occupation. However, it is not permitted for you to be on leave.

Please note that the application for a Kita voucher should be submitted at the earliest 9 months and at the latest 2 months before the start of care.


A place in our day care centers is free of charge for all children. Parents only pay for the full board of €53.00 per month per child.

So that early childhood education can be successful, we offer the children diverse and age-appropriate experiences that challenge their individual initiative. The carers supervise the children in their learning processes by showing them ways to expand their skills. For this, educational action is guided by the following principles:

  • We nurture and support the children in the individual development of their personalities.
  • We encourage the children to form their own opinions, on which they can build their own decisions.
  • We teach the children creative skills which promote their sense of responsibility.
  • We raise the children’s awareness of responsible approaches to natural resources.
  • We promote the development of social and emotional skills, so that the children develop a sensitivity to their own needs and the needs of other people.
  • In an age-appropriate way, we develop the children’s understanding of democracy.
  • We make it possible for the children to have varied, holistic experiences.
  • We give the children time to play so they can process their experiences.
  • We encourage the children use exploration and experiment to discover their own solution-finding approaches and develop problem-solving thinking.
  • We value a good, trusting educational partnership with the parents.

In all facilities, work is done in a group-orientated way. The basis for all educational services is, of course, the professional framework of the Berlin Educational Program.

In close cooperation with the parents, we place great importance on a careful and individualised settling-in period, to give children a good start to their life at the kita. Here we follow the “Berlin model”.

Appreciative and constructive interaction between the child’s parents/guardians is indispensable for its development. This is why it is important for us to maintain an open and trusting relationship with the parents and to be seen by you as partners in raising the child.

In the kindergartens of studierendenWERK BERLIN, we regularly share information about the development of the children and seek to establish a conversation with the parents. This is to reflect together on the implementation of the educational goals and to actively supervise the development of the child.

In all facilities, the parents are invited to participate in day-to-day life at the kita: parties are organised together, with parents’ evenings and parent-teacher conferences taking place at regular intervals. Once a year, the parents elect representatives who join with the kita committee to advise on various organisational issues with the educational staff.

studierendenWERK BERLIN’s day care centers are facilities located nearby to Berlin universities, with which we work in cooperation. We make use of contacts with university staff from various disciplines in order to incorporate the latest academic and scientific findings into our educational work. Discussions on current pedagogical issues mean that we continually question and develop our educational activities.

In addition, we cooperate with the family offices of the universities.

All children have a right to a non-violent upbringing and education, healthy growth and the best possible development.
You can read about how the day care centers of studierendenWERK BERLIN ensure this in our child protection concept.

State-approved day carers are welcome at any time. Simply apply directly at! To give you a first impression of our day care centers, we also offer guided tours through our facilities.

Menu of the Day Care Centers
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Menu of the Day Care Centers

Our lunch is prepared daily fresh in one of our canteens. We offer high-quality and varied healthy food. Suitable for children and in accordance with the principles of the German Nutrition Society.